5 Best Thin Mattresses

Best Thin Mattresses

The importance of getting a good night’s rest cannot be overstated. This is because sleeping well at night will help you stay cheerful and strong throughout the day. 

Thin mattresses have become one of the most common models out there. They come with a number of advantages regardless of their lightweight construction. Although there is a broad range of products out there, it is important that you choose the right model that can offer the unique benefits that you desire. 

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

Image Product Features

Most Popular

Tuft & Needle
  • Offers comfort and support
  • Top-quality materials
  • Absorbs moisture
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Budget Option

Red Nomad
  • Improved polymer design
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Helps to alleviate aches
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Best Luxury

  • Offers comfort
  • High-density foam
  • Pressure-relieving topper
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Best for Side Sleepers

  • Offers comfort and support
  • Quite affordable
  • Sleeps cool
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Best for Stomach Sleepers

As Seen on TV By Contour Living
  • Good for back and stomach sleepers
  • Eliminates back and joint aches
  • Offers better ventilation
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This content will discuss what to consider when looking to buy thin mattresses, and frequently asked questions about them. In addition to that, we will take a comprehensive look at the five (5) best thin mattresses with a full product description of each one. 

Most Popular: Tuft & Needle

Most Popular Choice - Best Thin Mattresses

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This Tuft & Needle model features a graphite gel-infused adaptive foam that offers outstanding comfort and support. The proprietary foam which is similar to the traditional memory foam is quite responsive and capable of providing spinal support. But if you have severe spinal issues, consider going with the mattresses specially designed for people with spinal problems.

Features Available Sizes
10-year warranty Twin & Twin XL
Graphite gel-infused adaptive foam, polyester, and micro polyamide cover Full
Medium firmness level Queen
Stomach, back, and side sleepers King & California King

The graphite gel that is present in the mattress improves its ability to absorb moisture, and eliminate bad odors. Allergens and other particles are kept out of the mattress by its micro polyamide cover which does not get stained easily. The manufacturers guarantee that it is of high quality and a long-lasting thin mattress.


  • Offers comfort and support.
  • Top-quality materials.
  • Absorbs moisture.
  • Removes bad odors.


  • No edge fortification.

Budget Option: Red Nomad

Affordable Best Thin Mattresses

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The Red Nomad is a renowned brand when it comes to thin mattresses. This particular mattress is 3 inches thick and is designed with unique craftsmanship. The mattress can make your sleep quickly regardless of its thinness.

Features Available Sizes
5-year warranty Twin & Twin XL
Memory foam Full
Medium-firm Queen
Back, side, and stomach sleepers King & California King

It is well packed and is produced in line with the CertiPUR-US initiative. The mattress may be very light, but it comes with an improved polymer design for added durability and longevity. The product is designed to reduce aches and relieve pressure points in both adults and children. It takes away general body soreness.


  • Improved polymer design.
  • Relieves pressure points.
  • Helps to alleviate aches.
  • Comfy.


  • No protective cover.

Best Luxury: ViscoSoft

Best Luxury Thin Mattresses

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The ViscoSoft 4 inch mattress features body-conforming memory foam that enhances comfort. The product alleviates pain and soreness even with frequent use. With its serene high-density foam, this thin mattress which may also double as a topper relieves pressure on your shoulders and hips. 

Features Available Sizes
3-year warranty Twin & Twin XL
Gel-infused memory foam Full
Medium-firm Queen
Back, side, and stomach sleepers King & California King

This product features a 2.5’ inch temperature neutral gel foam. It includes a 1.5-inch plush pad for improved responsiveness and pressure relief. 

With this mattress, you can eliminate body pains and soreness. The product removes pain at the back, hip, and other pressure points in the body as well as the soreness associated with using firm mattresses. The product is more durable than many other options.


  • Offers comfort.
  • High-density foam.
  • Pressure-relieving topper.
  • Alleviates pain and soreness.
  • Serene dual layer mattress.


  • Not suitable for heavyweight stomach sleepers.

Best for Side Sleepers: LinenSpa

Best Thin Mattresses for side sleepers

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The Linenspa 5 inch memory foam mattress offers a firm support base. It also offers class and can be the ideal fit for the bunk beds, kid’s beds and trundle beds in your home. The product is backed with a thick bottom layer for support with a good degree of firmness for pain-free slumber. 

Features Available Sizes
10-year warranty Twin & Twin XL
Gel-infused memory foam, knit cotton cover Full
Medium firmness level Queen
Stomach, back, and side sleepers King & California King

The mattress is infused with a cooling gel which helps to prevent overheating. It is well ventilated due to the open cell structure of the foam and breathability of its cotton cover. 

The firm support that this thin mattress comes with makes it a great option for either back or stomach sleepers. This is a uniquely designed memory foam model that is compatible with different bed foundations including box springs. Its responsiveness prevents excessive sinking of the hips and shoulders for side sleepers.


  • Offers comfort and support.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Sleeps cool.
  • An excellent option for stomach and back sleepers.


  • May compress after prolonged use.

Best for Stomach Sleepers: As Seen on TV By Contour Living

Best Thin Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

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The As Seen on TV deluxe comfort mattress topper is a multi-layer memory foam model with a firm construction which allows it to create sound sleep for its users. This product is perfect for everyone regardless of their sleeping style. 

Features Available Sizes
10-year warranty Twin & Twin XL
Memory foam, knit cotton cover Full
Soft and medium-firm Queen
Stomach, back, and side sleepers King & California King

The mattress which features the proprietary Gentle-flex foam alleviates both back and joint pains. It reduces the pressure in certain joints while conforming to your body just like the traditional memory foam. Each layer has a different degree of thickness which ensures that you remain cozy while the weight of your body is evenly distributed across the sleeping surface.

The different layers of foam facilitate free passage of air for improved temperature regulation which in turn allows you to enjoy a cool sleeping experience. If one surface feels too soft, the mattress may be flipped for a firmer feel. 


  • Good for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Eliminates back and joint aches.
  • Offers better ventilation.
  • Allergen-free.
  • Dual firmness.


  • May require constant flipping.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Thin Mattress

Construction and Material:

Thin mattresses are very comfy due to their balanced structure. They can mold to your body shape, or absorb your weight just like the regular-sized models. It can also help to relieve pressure on sensitive body parts. This type of mattresses can also preserve your body posture and align your spine for improved physical health and wellness.


Mattresses, in general, do not have any standard measurement when it comes to firmness. This means that there are different categories when it comes to this property. You must try a thin mattress before buying it. That is the only way to know if the firmness is right for you. Some manufacturers rank the firmness of their mattresses with simple verbal descriptions. They also create a rating system for their products. So you must watch out for these things moving forward.


Any thin mattress brand you choose to buy must offer adequate support for your body. Make sure you try the options before making a choice. Ponder over questions like does this mattress conform to my body? Does it align my spine correctly? If it feels like you are sinking into the thin mattress too much, then the body support might not be ideal for you. So the mattress must give you proper support.


Now that you know about thin mattresses, which size do you think will meet your specifications? Go for a more spacious bed If you feel restricted when using a narrow bed, If you also want something smaller, then a small-sized mattress would do. You can go for double-sized foam if the thin mattress is for more than one person at a time.

Temperature Regulation:

It is essential for you to ensure that the materials that are used to make your thin mattress are breathable. No one wants to use a mattress that doesn’t have proper air-flow. This is the only way to make sure that your body temperature is adequately regulated. Do not pick an option that will make you wake up in the morning with either cold toes or even drenched in sweat.

Motion Isolation:

No one will enjoy a mattress that throws them up and down when someone else tries to get into it. A thin mattress that absorbs motion effectively is sure to keep you as comfortable as you would want.


When it comes to the quality of thin mattresses, the cost is essential. Remember that there are a variety of options out there which come at different costs. It will typically cost less to ship thin mattresses because they are lighter than others. Note that if you want a budget-friendly option when searching for a thin mattress, you can go for mattresses that are less sophisticated. Go for options with simpler features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is This Mattress the Right Option for You?

There are a vast number of mattress options out there. Making a choice will depend on your specific needs. Before buying a thin mattress, you must determine whether it is what you want or not. Do not go for an option because it is popular, common everyone is buying it. Your comfort and safety must take priority. As mentioned above a thin mattress will support your spine and reduce the pressure on your body. Everyone is different and have different preferences. 

What Thickness Should I go for When Shopping for Thin Mattresses?

Most mattress experts typically recommend that the two top layers of every mattress be a minimum of 2 inches thick. This means that a good mattress that will offer you the comfort you need must be up to a total of four inches at the least. Hence, this can help you narrow your search for the best thin mattress. 

How do I Pick the Best Thin Mattress?

There are a number of ways to pick the best thin mattress from a vast number of options. The most important considerations include firmness and support. Remember that if the option you go for is softer than normal your body will sink in easily which can cause back pain. Hence, you have to go for a model with the right plushness to give you pressure relief and provide enough support for your body.

How Do I Know if the Brand I Picked is the Best for Me?

This is another very important question that is frequently asked. Knowing the thin mattress brand that is right for you will mean looking at a number of factors. It must not only be about how popular the brand is. It should be about the size, density, and materials, as well as comfort. Apart from other personal considerations, you can look at the height of the mattress and consider your room size too. What did you hear about a brand and its products from previous users? 

What is the Mattress Made of?

Is it made of natural materials? Is it designed with synthetic materials? If you have an allergy which is triggered by some materials used in the design or you want to purchase a sustainable thin mattress, you would have to learn about the composition of the mattress before making a purchase. This way you can look out for your own safety and also buy a more durable option. Do not go for a mattress that is made of any material that can trigger allergic reactions for you or anyone in your household.

Final Thoughts

As you go about searching for your ideal thin mattress, you will have to test a variety of options. During this time you must do well to take notes on the things you like about each option and the things you did not like. Knowing which option is too big for you or too small can help you narrow down your search parameters. Understanding the specs of each product will take you a step closer to making the ideal choice that suits your needs.

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