5 Best Reclining Sofas

If there are two things that most people look out for when purchasing a piece of furniture, it is comfort and stability, which is precisely what a reclining sofa offers. It is designed in such a way that it balances comfort and durability, using high-quality products. 

Again, having a reclining sofa in your sitting room adds to its aesthetics, making your lounging area more inviting. It looks so comfortable that your guests would always want to visit you, just to sit down on it. And even if you do not have visitors, having a reclining sofa provides an excellent way to relax, especially after a stressful day.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

Image Product Features

Most Popular

Hogan 2-seat Reclining Sofa
  • Large enough for tall people
  • It can accommodate more than four people
  • It comes with pillowtop arms
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Budget Option

Ashley Linebacker Leather Reclining Sofa
  • It is well-padded for comfort
  • It arrives fully assembled
  • The faux leather cover is soft against the skin
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Best Luxury

Delange Reclining Power Sofa
  • It is easy to assemble
  • A built-in USB port
  • It has a very comfortable footrest and headrest
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Best For Large Households

Homelegance Reclining sofa
  • Perfect for a large living room
  • It features lightweight frames for easy repositioning
  • Two end positions recline independently of one another
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Best Non-Leather Upholstery Model

Divano Roma Furniture Recliner Sofa
  • Budget-friendly
  • A perfect match for small living rooms
  • Made with linen fabric that allows for quality comfort
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Without much ado, let us dive into the five (5) best reclining sofas that you can find in the market;

Most Popular: Hogan 2-seat Reclining Sofa

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This kind of reclining sofa, which is designed and manufactured by Ashley Furniture Industries, is brilliantly simple and offers comfort beyond measure. It is very broad and can accommodate tall people that are over six feet, without their feet falling far off the end of the recliner pad. The sofa is very soft, and it’s padding both at the back and bottom is very plush. 

The couch also comes with pillowtop arms, which make it possible for four or more slim people to squeeze into it without much discomfort. This model is partitioned such that each side can be reclined independently of one another. Again, the sofa’s clean design and easy to pull reclining mechanism should let you kick up your feet and lean back in comfort. It is equally straightforward to engage with no additional hardware required.


  • Large enough for tall people.
  • It can accommodate more than four people.
  • It comes with pillowtop arms.
  • Very soft and plush.
  • A manual reclining mechanism for both halves.
  • It has a metal reinforced footrest.
  • Its construction is solid with metal frames.
  • It is straightforward to assemble and comes with a manual on how to do so.


  • It doesn’t recline entirely in a flat position.
  • Due to its size and weight, it is difficult to lift or move.
  • Plush padding is prone to indentation and will lose shape after using it for a year.

Budget Option: Ashley Linebacker Leather Reclining Sofa

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This kind of reclining sofa was designed with comfort as its driving force. The couch is quite stuffed with padding in all sections, which makes it extremely comfortable to lie across. With thick padding that adds to its firmness, you do not have to worry about the sink-in effect. It has a cover made from faux leather material that is soft against the skin, stylish, and very much durable. The sofa is divided into three sections but can still contain more people. With the help of the manual pull-lever, both parts at the end can recline independently of one another, except the middle one.

The sofa arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Its reclining mechanism features infinite positions for comfort and is relatively easy to engage.


  • It is well-padded for comfort.
  • It arrives fully assembled.
  • The faux leather cover is soft against the skin.
  • Very stylish.
  • Sections at each end can recline almost flat.


  • The cover may become uncomfortable on hot days.
  • The middle section does not recline.

Best Luxury: Delange Reclining Power Sofa

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This reclining sofa was designed with your comfort in mind. It is made from durable fabric and leather, as well as sturdy metal and hardwood frames. The couch features a headrest and footrest that supports your feet and neck without compromising on style. It can be a perfect fit for tall individuals. 

The two LED lights that are hidden on its top middle section can be turned on when the need arises. It also comes with USB ports that allow you to charge small electronic devices, including smartphones and portable MP3 players.


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • A built-in USB port.
  • It has a very comfortable footrest and headrest.
  • It has two LED lights for improved visibility in the dark.
  • It can accommodate tall individuals.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • Delicate parts may damage pretty quickly.

Best For Large Households: Homelegance Reclining sofa

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This kind of reclining sofa is the perfect match for those who have a large living room and always have a lot of visitors come around. The sofa is designed to fit up to five people comfortably while the two end positions recline independently of one another through the use of manual pull-levers. It is durable and made from quality materials that will not sag or envelop your body as you relax on it. 

The premium leather cover which offers insulation may become warm and sticky on a hot day, due to poor breathability. Upon arrival, the sofa which features lightweight but sturdy frames that make it very easy to move requires just a quick assembly.


  • Perfect for a large living room.
  • It features lightweight frames for easy repositioning.
  • Two end positions recline independently of one another.
  • It is durable.
  • It offers quality comfort.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Middle seat does not recline.
  • Reclining handles may damage easily.

Best Non-Leather Upholstery Model: Divano Roma Furniture Recliner Sofa

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This reclining sofa is known for being affordable and a perfect match for those on a tight budget. The unit requires a little bit of assembling. It is made from quality-bonded leather that is as durable as real leather, with a heavily padded backrest and seat, as well as arms for extra comfort. Its lever is easy to handle and operate. 

The sofa is extra wide, which allows for quality comfort. It is divided into three sections with pull-tabs on either end to recline the two outer parts independently of one another. They recline all the way, except for the middle section that has no reclining feature. The sofa is covered with a linen fabric which makes it relatively comfortable and breathable. You may only have to worry about the difficulty of cleaning up the material that can get stained.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • A perfect match for small living rooms.
  • Made with linen fabric that allows for quality comfort.
  • It requires minimal assembly.
  • Very comfortable and robust construction.
  • The two outer sections recline all the way.


  • The middle section does not recline.
  • Linen fabric is challenging to clean up and would stain easily.

Key Consideration When Choosing A Reclining Sofa

Design: It is essential to always consider the size of your living room before heading out to buy a reclining sofa. Some models are made for smaller living rooms while others are for large living room.

What is the kind of material used for the couch cover? Always look out for the answer to this question if you want to buy a reclining sofa. It is better to buy one that is very much resistant to constant wear and tear and stains as well.

Support: You must test the sofa to ensure that it is comfortable enough for your body type before making a purchase. If possible, sit and relax on it for a while and if you are buying online, you can read some reviews before making your final decision on which reclining sofa to buy.

It is always important to consider the frame construction of the reclining sofa you want to buy and how durable and reliable it is.

Extra Features: While some reclining sofas are delivered fully assembled, some come with dismantled parts, meaning that you have to do all the work. The easier it is, the better for anyone as it would save you the cost of employing an extra hand to help you assemble everything.

You can also find models with reclining mechanisms that are powered by electric motors, USB charging ports, and cup holders that appeal to most users.

Price: Don’t forget to consider the cost – make sure the price of the sofa is within your budget. It is essential to bear in mind that just because a couch is affordable does not mean that it is of inferior quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do reclining sofas last?

In most cases, big, heavy, and expensive pieces of furniture should last you at least a couple of years. If you handle your recliner poorly, do not be surprised when it begins to depreciate in less than a year. Some manufacturers offer a warranty and guaranty for their reclining sofas.

Are reclining sofas bad for your back?

Recliners with excellent lumbar support will not leave a gap between your lower back and the chair when you put your legs up. This position puts a strain on the ligaments and muscles of your lower back. By looking at the design, it is possible to tell whether using the sofa will cause lower back pain when it is set in a reclining position.

What recliner is the best?

It depends on what you need. A good design often puts ergonomics, comfort, convenience, durability, and other essential features into consideration. It is up to you to choose the model with the construction that suits you best.

Is reclining better than sitting?

The downward compression on your spine is often felt when you sit up straight. After several hours, you would begin to feel discomfort, especially if you are overweight. The reclining position is usually recommended to ensure that you are fully relaxed and comfortable at all times.

How much should you spend on a quality reclining sofa?

$1000 or less: The sub-thousand-dollar range is what we would consider an inexpensive sofa. $1000 – $2000: A mid-range priced sofa generally falls in between one to two thousand dollars. $2000 or more: Anything above two grand, we would consider it an expensive sofa.


No matter how much we want to downplay it, the couch in the living room is a piece of essential furniture. It is always there for you and ready to keep you comfortable after you have had a very stressful day.

The reclining models are the best kind of sofas for those who work long hours and need to rest properly, as well as people who just enjoy lounging or relaxing all the time. In getting these reclining sofas, it is always better to go for the best ones bearing in mind the factors mentioned above.

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