5 Best Pocket Spring Mattresses In The UK In 2021

Best Pocket Spring Mattresses in the UK

Sleep is essential for eliminating or relieving fatigue if you want to maintain your mental and physical well-being. 

The pocket spring mattress is a better-designed model with an innerspring system for reduced vibrations and a more comfortable sleeping surface. It often has proper air circulation and sleeps cooler than an all-foam mattress. These springs are individually nested in fabric pockets so that each one works on its own to bring balance and support to sleepers on the mattress. 

Quick Look At Our Top 5 Picks In 2021

Image Product Features

Most Popular

Silentnight Stratus
  • Relieves pressure in the back and joints
  • Supports the hips and other body parts
  • Cushions the shoulders comfortably
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Budget Option

Silentnight Classic 1200 Pocket Deluxe
  • Dual-sided use
  • Excellent price point
  • Provides spinal support
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Best Luxury

John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection
  • Adequate support structure
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Relieves pressure points
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Best for Side Sleepers

Idyll Mattress
  • Comes in a box
  • Good edge support
  • Average price point
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Best for Stomach Sleepers

Sealy Nostromo 1400
  • Has handles for easy rotation of mattress
  • Good motion isolation
  • Very supportive
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The pocketed spring mattress you choose should be comfortable for a well-rested sleep, suit your weight demands, and also be made of quality materials. We present you with 2021 five (5) best pocket spring mattresses in the UK and steps to finding the best one that suits you.

Most Popular: Silentnight Stratus

An image featuring Silentnight Stratus

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The Silentnight 2000 pocket sprung is an outstanding mattress that features a count of 1850 individual springs arranged in two layers to respond easily to body tension and provide support. It relieves the body’s pressure points, provides a smooth sleeping surface, and allows free airflow around and within the mattress.

Features Available Sizes
60-night trial Single
5-year warranty Small Double
Pocket springs and cashmere cover tufted with wool Double
Medium-firm King
Side, back, and stomach sleepers. Super King

The Stratus is one of the many unique mattresses from Silentnight which is medium-firm and features quality comfort foam, as well as a cover with tufts of natural wool. The cashmere cover allows you to relax while its breathability ensures that your body temperature is regulated.

The springs provide tension relief from the back and shoulders thereby keeping the spine in a natural position. With a hand-tufted cover and borders beautified by hand stitches that are appealing to the eyes, users of this mattress are always satisfied with their purchase.


  • Relieves pressure in the back and joints.
  • Supports the hips and other body parts.
  • Cushions the shoulders comfortably.
  • Low motion transfer.
  • Great price.
  • Hypoallergenic cover.
  • It has handles for easy lifting.


  • Weighty.
  • The mattress cannot be flipped.

Budget Option: Silentnight Classic 1200 Pocket Deluxe

An image featuring Silentnight Classic 1200 Pocket Deluxe

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This is a budget-friendly mattress with an amazing support structure and a comfortable surface. With individually pocketed springs, this model prevents partner disturbances and makes sure that your body weight is evenly distributed across the mattress.

Features Available Sizes
60-night trial Single
5-year warranty Small Double
Soft Knitted polyester cover and innerspring system Double
Medium and luxury-firm King
Side, back, and stomach sleepers. Super King

Silentnight Classic 1200 mattress is a dual-sided model that is treated with Purotex to keep allergies away. It has a soft breathable knitted cover and a Mirapocket spring system that is zoned for independent support. 

The comfort layers are made of eco-friendly materials that are breathable and cool to touch while the pocket springs keep the spine aligned properly. It features ergonomic handles to help in flipping or rotating the mattress which can be used with standard bed frames.


  • Dual-sided use.
  • Excellent price point.
  • Provides spinal support.
  • Relieves pressure points.
  • Ensures zero partner disturbances.


  • May require constant flipping.
  • May be too firm for very lightweight individuals.

Best Luxury: John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection

An image featuring John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection

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This is a luxurious, stylish, supportive, and comfortable mattress. It has smaller pocket springs that are arranged in two layers to provide more support for the body while relieving pressure points and keeping the mattress well ventilated. 

Features Available Sizes
100-night trial Single
7-year warranty Small Double
Egyptian cotton cover and Cortec pocket spring system Double
Medium-firm King
Side, back, and stomach sleepers. Super King

This model has a cloud-soft top layer that features wool tufting and a breathable Egyptian cotton cover. The mattress and its fillings are made from natural materials with moisture-wicking abilities. 

Its innovative Cortec springs are light with pockets that are sealed by heat instead of glue, making it eco-friendly and recyclable. You can rest assured that its fire retardant cover is free of chemicals to keep sleepers breathing in the free and fresh air.


  • Adequate support structure.
  • Wicks away moisture.
  • Relieves pressure points.
  • The fibers are natural and hypoallergenic.
  • Fire retardant.


  • High price.
  • Cannot be flipped.
  • Quite heavy and difficult to move around

Best For Side Sleepers: Idyll Mattress

An image featuring Idyll Mattress

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A combination of micro and pocket springs with memory foam makes the Idyll mattress ideal for side sleepers. The mattress which is durable and does not sag easily offers amazing comfort and cushions the hips, as well as the shoulders.

Features Available Sizes
100-night trial Single
10-year warranty Small Double
Gel-infused memory foam, 1000 micro, and 1000 pocket springs Double
Medium to medium-firm King
Side, stomach, and back sleepers. Super King

The top layer features gel-infused memory foam that is breathable and reduces heat accumulation in the mattress. It keeps the body cool even on a hot night and permits great airflow. 

The micro springs are laced with foam to give luxurious comfort. Two more layers of comfort foam provide the exact comfort and relaxation that your back needs, with the help of pocket springs which are very supportive. These springs work in isolation to support the necessary body parts and ensure that there is no motion transfer. 

The spine is effectively aligned when lying on this mattress and pressure points are relieved. Idyll comes with an encapsulated ‘F-joint’ border that provides great edge support and prevents dipping and sagging. Customers can enjoy a 0% finance option to pay for the mattress in installments.


  • Comes in a box.
  • Good edge support.
  • Average price point.
  • Evenly distributes body weight.
  • Springy and responsive.
  • Zero partner disturbance.


  • Quite weighty.
  • Single firmness option.

Best For Stomach Sleepers: Sealy Nostromo 1400

An image featuring Sealy Nostromo 1400

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This pillow top mattress from Sealy is what you wish to be lying on whenever you are feeling tired and in need of deep sleep. It is constructed with top-notch materials and comes from a well-known brand. It provides support exactly where you need it and offers excellent comfort while you sleep.

Features Available Sizes
100-night trial Single
10-year warranty Small Double
Tencel fiber cover, pocket springs, and natural latex Double
Medium-firm King
Combination and stomach sleepers. Super King

The Sealy Nostromo has 1400 pocket spring count with a layer of natural latex on the top of it to provide adequate cushioning. This latex layer adapts to your body shape and supports the spine. Since dust mites cannot live in latex, the mattress is free of allergens and microbes. 

Tencel fiber, a soft cool material, covers the mattress and helps maintain a healthy temperature on the surface of the bed. The springs are in cotton pockets that keep noise and motion transfer to a minimum, giving the user a disturbance-free sleep. Its pillow-top layer provides an additional layer of comfort and luxury.


  • Has handles for easy rotation of mattress.
  • Good motion isolation.
  • Very supportive.
  • Relieves pressure points.
  • Doesn’t sag easily.
  • Can be placed on the floor and most bed frames.


  • May not be flipped.
  • Not for those with latex allergies.

Key Considerations When Choosing A Pocket Spring Mattress In The UK

Construction and Material: A pocket spring is a wire coil encased in fabric. These casings are then connected together to provide individual support to sleepers on the mattress. 

The pocket springs are either in the core of a mattress with a supporting base foam, or they make up the entire base. A layer of comfort foam is usually on top of the innerspring system to keep the coils from direct contact with the body, making the mattress more comfortable, luxurious, and breathable.

Firmness: The firmness that you desire determines the type of pocket spring mattress you should choose. Some pocket spring models are softer than others regardless of the firmness, whether plush, medium, or firm. The thickness of the springs also determines the firmness of the mattress, not forgetting the materials used for the top layers.

Support: Pocket springs are zoned to provide support to target points on the body. They are very supportive and mattresses can last for about 8 years.

Motion Isolation: Since the springs are pocketed, they do not roll on each other. This reduces the transfer of vibrations from one end of the mattress to another. It helps partners sleep together without unconsciously waking the other up while getting out of the mattress or repositioning.

Temperature Regulation: Pocket springs are often evenly spaced with channels to ensure proper air passage. Some models also have fabrics that regulate heat during the night and wick away moisture. The covers are made of breathable materials which help to keep the sleeper comfortable and cozy throughout the sleep.

Price Point: Prices of different pocket spring models vary depending on the quality of springs and the number. Quality models have the fabric pockets stitched together to provide a connection between them while cheaper ones are often glued together. Better pocket springs are in calico cases and joined with vanadium plated wires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it better to have more pocket springs in a mattress?

It is often believed that the more the pocket springs, the more the support and comfort you receive. A good pocket spring mattress should have up to 1000 pocket springs. This does not mean that the materials used for the construction of a mattress with a particular spring count cannot make it superior to another mattress with the same spring count. The spring quality and foam layer fillings are also important. So it is important to make other considerations apart from the number of springs in a mattress.

Which is better, open coil or pocket sprung mattress?

Open coils which are also known as the continuous coil, traditional coil, standard coils, and so on make up an innerspring system just like pocket springs. Open coil mattresses are quite cheaper and lighter than pocket spring models. They are firm and provide good support. Pocket spring mattresses, on the other hand, are more supportive and last longer. The springs are pocketed that prevents noise which is often associated with open coils. Pockets coils also keep the motion transfer property to the barest minimum and do not dip in the middle like open coils, but weigh more.

Are pocket spring mattresses healthy?

Pocket springs are ideal for those with back pains and aches. The springs are often arranged to greatly support the back, shoulders, and hips. They are also comfort layers filled with natural fibers to keep moisture away and keep the mattress fresh at all times. Pocket spring mattresses have air channels that enable free airflow to prevent heat build-up, thereby providing a cooler sleeping surface.

Is pocket sprung mattress better than memory foam models?

Memory foam mattresses often feature dense polyurethane foam that maintains good support when laid on. They are firm, prevent motion transfer, mold to the body’s shape, and lasts long. All-foam mattresses often lack good edge support and are known for sleeping warm. 

Pocket spring mattresses, on the other hand, are made of springs in pockets that prevent them from rubbing on each other and transferring motion. These springs work individually to respond quickly to pressure exerted by the weight of the sleeper. It may be observed that the mattress, therefore, provides more support than memory foam models would. 

Reinforcement with foam or stronger pocketed springs at the edges of most mattresses aids in maintaining good edge support and prevents you from rolling off the bed. Some mattresses combine memory foam and pocket springs to present better comfort and support during sleep.

What is the best pocket sprung mattress?

A great pocket spring mattress should live up to the expectation of not allowing motion transfer while sleepers reposition. The mattress should, if possible, be free of squeaks and noise from the springs. It should also provide targeted support to the back and spread the body weight evenly across the surface. 

The pocket springs must not be too many or too few, but commensurate to the weight of the user. The top layers of the mattress should be very comfortable and thick enough to provide pressure relief to the joints and muscles while conforming to the user’s body contours.

Final Thoughts

Your sleeping surface matters more than you think or imagine. It can be the difference between a great night’s sleep and a restless night filled with tossing and turning. Pocket spring mattresses provide comfort and support. They keep the body in the right posture to ensure that you wake up refreshed, with zero body pains, and ready for a brand new day.

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