Our Top 5 Mattresses In The UK For 2021

Best Mattresses in the UK

Lack of sleep can expose one to depression and increase the risk of damage to his/her mental and physical health. 

If you are having a problem with getting enough sleep at night or you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, the problem could be your mattress. A considerable degree of sagging or unyielding firmness of your mattress is not suitable for a good night’s sleep. 

For a well-rested night, therefore, one needs a compatible mattress, especially one that meets your requirement to ensure that you wake up fully rejuvenated to carry on with the new day’s task. 

Quick Look At Our Top 5 Picks In 2021

Image Product Features

Most Popular

Emma Original Mattress
  • Provides targeted support to the body
  • Regulates temperature
  • Removable and washable cover
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Budget Option

Relyon Pocket Memory Classic Mattress
  • Significant edge support
  • No motion transfer
  • Supports a wide range of body weights
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Best Luxury

  • Targeted pressure relief
  • Very low motion transfer
  • Durable materials
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Best for Side Sleepers

  • Hypoallergenic and cooling latex foam
  • The cover is fire-retardant
  • Good motion isolation
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Best for Stomach Sleepers

  • Has a washable hypoallergenic cover
  • Great motion isolation
  • Spreads weight evenly
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Analyzed below are the five (5) best mattresses in 2021 that are ultimately satisfying to a wide range of people in the UK, as well as the necessary considerations to make before getting a new one.

Most Popular: Emma Original Mattress

An image featuring Emma Original Mattress

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This is a 25cm all-foam model comprising three layers. The layers are combined to produce a supporting mattress that relieves pressure from stressed body joints and the spine. Emma is breathable and permits airflow around and within it, giving sleepers a night of restful sleep.

Features Available Sizes
100-night sleep trial Single
10-year warranty Small Double
Airgocell foam, memory foam, and polyester cover Double
Medium-firm King
Back, stomach, and combination sleepers Super King

The cover which has humidity-regulating fibers features a zipper for easy removal and washing when necessary. Its base supporting layer consists of dense poly-foam which makes up the support structure of the mattress. With zoned support channels running through this layer, the poly-foam promotes correct spinal alignment to eliminate the risk of lower back pain. 

The topmost layer features a proprietary Airgocell foam designed by the Emma brand to have a medium-firm feel. This Airgocell layer assures you of sound sleep as it regulates your body heat and that of the mattress.


  • Provides targeted support to the body.
  • Regulates temperature.
  • Removable and washable cover.
  • Good edge support.
  • Suitable for average and overweight individuals.


  • Bouncy.
  • May sleep hot sometimes.

Budget Option: Relyon Pocket Memory Classic Mattress

An image featuring Relyon Pocket Memory Classic Mattress

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This is a comfy firm mattress with a combination of memory foam that contours to body curves and pocket springs that provide targeted support.

Features Available Sizes
No sleep trial Single
8-year warranty Small Double
Pocket springs, memory foam, and cotton cover quilted with wool Double
Medium-firm King
For back and stomach sleepers Super King

Relyon comes with a beautiful handcraft top that gives it an aesthetic touch. The pocket springs make the mattress sturdy and supportive. It provides pressure relief to the joints and evenly distributes the body weight when one is lying down. 

Relyon has a firm edge support due to the pocketed springs which are specifically designed to allow zero motion transfer. The memory foam is very responsive and gives the sleeper a floating feeling. 


  • Significant edge support.
  • No motion transfer.
  • Supports a wide range of body weights.
  • Promotes better air circulation.


  • Cannot be flipped.
  • Quite heavy and difficult to reposition.

Best Luxury: Nectar

An image featuring Nectar

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Nectar is a hypoallergenic bed-in-a-box mattress that features a combination of foams of various densities that counter the sinking effect of most memory foams, together with a 7 zone supportive base layer.

Features Available Sizes
365-night trial Single
Lifetime warranty Small Double
Gel-infused memory foam, Cotton & Tencel cover Double
Medium firmness level King
Back, side, and stomach sleepers Super King

With multiple layers of foam that are responsible for its sturdiness, this mattress remains responsive to ensure that switching positions during sleep does not require much effort. The mattress is firm enough to keep sleepers resting snugly on the top rather than sink in the mattress. 

Nectar has a breathable Tencel cover that is quilted with gel memory foam to wick away moisture while the entire mattress remains fully aerated. It is also responsible for the cradling effect and pressure relief that is experienced when sleepers lay down on the mattress.


  • Targeted pressure relief.
  • Very low motion transfer.
  • Durable materials.
  • Distributes and supports body weight.
  • Maintains proper alignment of the spine.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Firmness cannot be adjusted.

Best For Side Sleepers: Casper

An image featuring Casper

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Casper is a premium mattress that balances memory foam and latex to provide a cool environment for sleep. It offers a medium-firm model that is ideally made for the side sleeper. With three foam layers, Casper gives the comfort, coolness, and support needed for a well-rested night.

Features Available Sizes
100-night sleep trial Twin
10-year warranty Full
Latex, memory foam, and stretch-knit cover  Queen
Medium-firm King
Stomach and back sleepers California King

The top layer of bouncy latex foam facilitates the proper flow of air that cools the user’s body and supports his/her back. Below is the memory foam layer that improves the responsiveness and body conformance property of the mattress. This arrangement keeps the memory foam which is known to sleep hot from being in direct contact with the body. 

The memory foam also keeps the spine in a straight position to ensure that sleepers stay comfortable at all times. Casper mattresses have a base layer with thick support foam that helps distribute your body weight, making it a great option for individuals that are suffering from back pains.


  • Hypoallergenic and cooling latex foam.
  • The cover is fire-retardant.
  • Good motion isolation.
  • Durable materials.


  • Not so good edge support.
  • The cover is not machine-washable.

Best For Stomach Sleepers: Simba

An image featuring Simba

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Simba is a hybrid mattress with a base support foam that strengthens it and supports the weight of the sleeper. It comprises memory foam and pocket springs arranged in a way that is different from most hybrid mattress formations. This makes it unique and a favorite for most sleepers, including those that are overweight.

Features Available Sizes
100-night sleep trial Single
10-year warranty Small Double
Simbatex foam, cone-shaped mini coils, and polyester cover Double
Medium-firm King
Side, back, and combination sleepers Super King

The cover is made of a stretch polyester fabric that improves airflow within the mattress. Underneath the cover is an open-celled Simbatex foam which is specially designed to provide comfort while regulating heat, among other properties that are similar to that of natural latex. 

The conical pocketed springs isolate motion while providing support to ensure that vibrations remain localized. A fortified foam border keeps you within the confines of the bed thereby maintaining good edge support. It is advised that the mattress be rotated once every three months to extend its lifespan and ensure uniformity in the usage of the sleeping surface.


  • Has a washable hypoallergenic cover.
  • Great motion isolation.
  • Spreads weight evenly.
  • Suitable with all bed foundations.
  • Does not sink or sag easily.
  • Excellent edge support.


  • May sleep hot.
  • Very heavy to lift.

Keys Considerations When Choosing The Best Mattress In The UK

Construction and Material: What you desire in a sleeping surface determines the kind of mattress that you should go for. Memory foam is best at pressure point relief and has the capacity to evenly support and cushion the joints in your body. If a cooling agent is not incorporated in it, however, it feels hot and leads to sleep disruptions due to excessive sweating. It lacks good edge support most times and one may have an uncomfortable sinking feeling when lying on top of such a mattress. Pocket springs are also supportive depending on the total coil count. They are mostly springy and heavy. They are breathable and comfortable. Latex is cooling, body-conforming, and sufficiently responsive. 

Firmness: A firm mattress is to a heavy person what a soft mattress is to a light person in several scenarios. Stomach sleepers need a mattress that will keep their stomachs and hips in a comfortable position. Side sleepers, on the other hand, would require one that is capable of ensuring that their body is cushioned by the mattress, especially around the shoulders.

Support: Every individual requires a mattress that gives him/her a correct posture when sleeping. The right model balances out the bodyweight to prevent sagging in specific regions of the mattress’s surface.

Temperature Regulation: A sleeping surface should provide comfort to the sleeper regardless of atmospheric conditions in his/her location. A warm bed on a hot night makes for a crappy sleep. The cooling nature of latex and the fact that pocket springs allow good air circulation make them ideal in such situations. Traditional memory foams are known for trapping heat, as such, sleeping on them can be uncomfortable unless during winter. However, most brands have taken special steps to add cooling agents in memory foam mattresses to offer users a cool restorative sleep.

Motion isolation: You need a mattress that does not vibrate at every sudden movement. It should be able to prevent the transfer of motion which is most important for individuals with sleeping partners or pets that can disrupt their sleep.

Edge support: it is great if one can sit on the edge of his/her mattress without sinking too deeply to make getting up difficult. Edge support can help a mattress last long. It ensures that the mattress does not start sagging or aging along the perimeter. 

Size: Prior to buying a mattress, you should know what size you are going for. Mattress sizes for average-weight individuals are different from those that are for plus-sized sleepers who would want enough space to lay down conveniently. The UK mattress sizes are:

Small single

75 x 190 cm


90 x 190 cm

Small Double

120 x 190 cm


135 x 190 cm


150 x 200 cm

Super King

180 x 200 cm

Price: The price of a good mattress can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds. When you want to purchase a mattress, seeking out brands that are popular and have on-going sales, promotions, and discounts will help to ensure that you do not exceed your budget. Highly-priced mattresses are not necessarily the best, neither are very cheap ones. Online brands offer the best prices together with trial periods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which mattress is best for side sleepers in the UK?

A side sleeper needs a soft mattress that conforms to their body curves. This provides pressure relief for the body, especially the shoulder and hip regions. Most mattresses for side sleepers have dual-firmness options so that one can switch to a surface that provides him/her the best comfort.

Which is the best mattress for a heavy person?

A heavy person requires a mattress that has good quality materials, a more supporting base, and is firm as softer beds may sink under his/her weight. Poorly constructed mattresses age and deteriorate faster, forcing you back into the market for a replacement. 

What mattresses do hotels in the UK use?

A mattress can determine to a large extent the quality of sleep you get. Hotels, therefore, spend time to have the right sort of bed for their customers who always demand great value for their money as regards comfort. Hybrid mattress models are becoming popular among hotels. This is because they feature the conformance abilities of memory foams, the firmness, and support of innerspring models, as well as the responsiveness of latex. These models have good motion isolation and edge support.

Which mattress is better for back pain?

Back pain can result from an injury or sleeping in awkward postures due to the nature of your mattress. This mattress may exert pressure wrongly on the body and cause restlessness. There is no specific mattress for all individuals with bad backs. It all depends on individual preferences as well as sleep routines. The right mattress should be supportive with a firmness that is ideal for your preferred sleeping position and body weight. This helps to relieve pressure points and keep the spine in correct alignment.

Are pocket spring mattresses good?

Mattresses with pocket springs can be very comfortable to lie on. They are also budget-friendly. It is necessary to consider the quality of the pocket spring mattress you intend to purchase so that you do not end up with one that makes creaking noises. Also, the top part of the mattress should comprise high-quality foam layers to further cushion the pressure from the steel coils.

Final Thoughts

Sleep is crucial to humans in order to maintain good health, as well as physical and emotional soundness. Where one lays his/her body to rest is vital to the quality of sleep he/she gets, even as mattresses of different types and designs abound. It should also be durable and cost-effective while providing you with utmost comfort and support when sleeping.

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