5 Best Mattresses For Fibromyalgia

Best Mattresses For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a health condition that is characterized by chronic pain in several muscles and joints. It results in fatigue and depression as the affected person would have trouble sleeping and may develop other sleep disorders.

Although exercising is beneficial to people that are suffering from the condition, a good mattress will ensure that they begin to enjoy deep sleep again. This ensures that they maintain a good flow of blood and do not wake up with soreness or painful muscle spasms.

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  • Suitable for combination sleepers
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Sleeps cool
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Budget Option

  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Bed-in-a-box option
  • Compatible with adjustable frames
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Best Luxury

  • Improved temperature regulation
  • Dual-sided firmness
  • Great motion isolation
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Best for Side Sleepers

  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • Offers pressure relief
  • Fully removable cover
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Best for Stomach Sleepers

  • Good motion isolation
  • Adequate edge support
  • Fully removable cover
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This article will examine the five (5) best mattresses for fibromyalgia to give you insights on how to find a comfortable sleeping surface. It will help you to manage the condition for an improved quality of life.

Most Popular: Bear

Most Popular Choice - Best Mattresses For Fibromyalgia

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Bear is a premium mattress with a structure that is sure to relieve pain in people afflicted with fibromyalgia. It is designed using durable materials that are known to help you drift into a state of relaxation with ease.

Features Available Sizes
100-nights trial Twin 
10-year warranty Twin XL
Celliant cover and memory foam Full
Medium-firm Queen
For combination sleepers King & California King

The use of Celliant fibers for the cover helps to improve blood circulation and soothes strained muscles to ensure that you begin to get relief from aches and pains. Infusing the memory foam in the comfort layer improves temperature regulation to ensure that the surface of the mattress is cool at all times.

The firmness of the mattress is such that pressure is not felt in your joints when you lie on it in your preferred sleeping position. It has a thicker foam layer in the base that bears your weight effectively to keep your spine from arching wrongly. Trying out the foam for 100 nights will help you decide if it is the ideal model for you.


  • Suitable for combination sleepers.
  • Relieves pressure points.
  • Sleeps cool.
  • Compatible with multiple bed foundations.
  • Decent motion isolation.
  • Dual-tone cover design.


  • Weak edge support.
  • May not be flipped.

Budget Option: Hyphen

Affordable Mattresses For Fibromyalgia

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Hyphen combines memory foam and natural latex in a way that assures you of relief from pain in several parts of your body. You can easily go back to sleeping like a baby again as the mattress is designed to maximize comfort and relaxation for users.

Features Available Sizes
100-night trial Twin 
20-year warranty Twin XL
Latex and memory foam, Spandex & polyester cover Full
Medium firmness level Queen
Side and stomach sleepers King & California King

The fully removable cover which features a blend of polyester and spandex fibers is elastic and machine washable to ensure that it is clean and free from germs. Infusing the layer of memory foam with copper ions ensures that you remain cool throughout the night as it conducts heat away from your body.

The comfort layer conforms to your body’s curves while relieving the pressure that may worsen symptoms of fibromyalgia. Although latex improves its responsiveness, it is capable of absorbing motion to help you sleep without interruptions from movement in the bed.


  • Excellent motion isolation.
  • Bed-in-a-box option.
  • Compatible with adjustable frames.
  • Prevents heat retention.
  • Fully removable cover.
  • Affordable price point.


  • Weak edge support.
  • Not suitable for back sleepers.

Best Luxury: Layla

Best Luxury Mattresses For Fibromyalgia

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Regardless of the kind of pain you may be experiencing, Layla mattress will provide a comfortable sleeping surface that facilitates quick recovery. With different levels of firmness on both sides, you can easily flip the mattress to suit your needs as your condition improves.

Features Available Sizes
120-nights trial Twin 
Lifetime warranty Twin XL
Polyester cover and memory foam infused with copper ions Full
Dual-sided firmness: soft and medium-firm Queen
For side and back sleepers King & California King

This mattress is designed with a touch of luxury to ensure that users enjoy maximum relaxation as they sleep in multiple positions. It does not sink down too much when pressure is applied on any of the two surfaces. 

Sleepers will enjoy pressure relief in spinal joints as they maintain proper sleeping posture while lying on this mattress. The use of copper ions in the memory foam layer ensures that you stay cool on summer nights. Breathable polyester with a dual-tone design is used for the mattress cover to ensure that air flows in and out of the mattress with ease.


  • Improved temperature regulation.
  • Dual-sided firmness.
  • Great motion isolation.
  • Fully removable cover.
  • Dual-tone cover design.
  • Compatible with bed frames and adjustable bases.


  • May require constant flipping.
  • Poor edge support.

Best for Side Sleepers: Nolah

Best Mattresses For Fibromyalgia for Side Sleepers

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Widespread pain from fibromyalgia causes loss of sleep and tiredness which may affect your mood for an entire day. Nolah mattress provides a plush surface that leaves you feeling like you are floating in thin air while you sleep.

Features Available Sizes
120-night trial Twin 
15-year warranty Twin XL
Viscose fiber cover, Nolah Airfoam, and polyfoam  Full
Dual-sided firmness: soft and medium-firm Queen
For side, Stomach, and back sleepers King & California King

The brand’s proprietary Nolah AirFoam is designed to provide comfort benefits that are similar to that of memory foam and latex. It supports air circulation and while cradling your body to ease muscle tension and enhance relaxation. 

Side sleepers will experience pressure relief in the hips, knees, and shoulders without losing correct spinal alignment. The comfort layer isolates motion to ensure that movements on the bed’s surface do not wake you.

The cover is made from breathable viscose fibers which repel moisture and prevents heat retention. It can be unzipped and machine washed to keep it clean and germ-free. 


  • Ideal for side sleepers.
  • Offers pressure relief.
  • Fully removable cover.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Good motion isolation.


  • Poor edge support.
  • Might be too soft for heavyweight back and stomach sleepers.

Best for Stomach Sleepers: Helix

Best Mattresses For Fibromyalgia for Stomach Sleepers

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After sampling most pre-designed models without success, you should look for one that can be customized to your preferred degree of firmness. This makes it possible for you to maintain a healthy sleeping routine without compromise.

Features Available Sizes
100-night trial Twin 
10-year warranty Twin XL
Helix dynamic foam, polyester stretch fabric Full
Medium level firmness Queen
Side and stomach sleepers King & California King

The steel coils in the core of this mattress are cushioned with the proprietary Helix dynamic foam which provides pressure relief in joints. The responsiveness of the mattress and support around its perimeter is made possible by the innerspring system. 

The polyester stretch fabric used for the cover is breathable and helps prevent the surface of the mattress from becoming misty. It can be removed and machine-washed to keep it fresh and clean. Body contouring and proper spinal alignment are assured for users of this mattress as they go on to enjoy better sleep quality. 


  • Good motion isolation.
  • Adequate edge support.
  • Fully removable cover.
  • Suitable for side sleepers.
  • Order with full customization options.
  • Bouncy and responsive.


  • Not ideal for back sleepers.
  • May not be flipped.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Mattress for Fibromyalgia

Construction & Material:

The widespread pain that is experienced by individuals living with fibromyalgia can be relieved by sleeping on a mattress with the right structure. This is dependent on the quality of materials used in its production and how well they relieve pain while lying on the bed. The mattress covers also have a role to play in enhancing sleep quality. 


The materials used in the production of a mattress also determines its firmness levels. Medium-firm mattresses are suitable for most sleepers except the plus-sized individuals who may prefer firmer options. If you feel zero pressure while sleeping on a mattress, then it has the right degree of firmness for your body type. This makes it possible for you to enjoy a pain-free sleep.


If your mattress sinks deeply, it can cause severe pain when you wake up. This is because your spine is forced to curve in the wrong direction for a long time. Latex and hybrid models tend to provide adequate support for most sleepers including those that are overweight. 

Heat Regulation:

The use of copper ions and gel in the foam at the top layer of most mattresses ensures that it remains cool at all times. Adequate flow of air also prevents heat retention for enhanced relaxation and pain relief in affected muscles.

Motion Isolation:

When there is sudden movement on the mattress, it may cause you to feel pressure in some inflamed joints and muscles which can be discomforting. The use of a foam that absorbs motion ensures that people afflicted with fibromyalgia remain comfortable while they sleep.

Edge Support:

Mattresses that do not sag due to pressure around the edges allow users to sleep undisturbed on all parts of its surface. The use of denser foam or stronger coils in the edges of the mattress improves its edge support property.

Price Point:

Mattresses that help relieve pain for people that are suffering from fibromyalgia are available from different brands and are sold at different prices. There are affordable models for low-income earners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Would buying a new mattress help relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia?

An old mattress may worsen symptoms of fibromyalgia due to degradation of its element from years of use. New models are designed using innovative technologies to help improve your condition.

What firmness level is best for people living with fibromyalgia?

You would have to try out more the available models that are produced by your preferred brand until you find one that soothes the pain. 

What kind of mattress is best for someone with fibromyalgia?

People with fibromyalgia need mattresses that relieve pressure and do not retain heat. The use of breathable fabric in mattress covers ensure that adequate fresh air gets in and out of the mattress to keep sleepers cool at all times. 

What is the best mattress for body pain?

Memory foam easily conforms to the curves of your body while relieving pressure points. When fitted with a sturdy base in an all-foam mattress or innerspring system in hybrids, you no longer have to worry about losing correct spinal alignment that may result in widespread body pain.

Is fibromyalgia pain worse at night?

Fibromyalgia could be triggered by physical and emotional trauma as well as other health issues. Sleeping on a good mattress ensures that the symptoms do not get worse at night.

What is the best thing to do for fibromyalgia?

Moist heat or ice packs may be used to reduce muscle stiffness that is associated with fibromyalgia. A mattress with a good temperature regulation mechanism improves blood circulation in your body and ensures that you sleep comfortably at night.

Is memory foam good for fibromyalgia?

Yes, it is. Memory foam which has the tendency to become hot could be infused with gel or copper which produces a cooling effect when it comes in contact with moisture. 

Final Thoughts

Mattress brands allow you to sample products for a fixed number of nights until you find a model with the right firmness and support. Living with fibromyalgia should not be difficult if you have a good mattress that makes it possible for you to enjoy deep sleep cycles.

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