5 Best Mattresses for College Students 

Best Mattresses for College Students 

College students alternate between hours of studying, spending time with friends, and taking part in other extra-curricular activities. With the long hours needed to achieve the above, they need to find ways to get adequate rest and sleep to feel alert and study well. 

Without enough sleep, academic performance can suffer, and mental health may deteriorate. This is one reason why getting a comfortable mattress is important because students need to wake up rejuvenated every morning, ready to continue with tedious academic tasks.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

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Most Popular

  • Great structural support
  • Pressure-relieving
  • Average price point
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Budget Option

  • Great price point
  • Soft and breathable cover
  • Provides pressure relief
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Best Luxury

  • Does not retain heat
  • Provides good pressure relief
  • Maintains all-night support for all sleeping positions
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Best for Side Sleepers

O Mattress by Omni
  • Fully removable cover
  • Temperature neutral
  • Luxurious design
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Best for Stomach Sleepers

Keetsa Cloud
  • Durable materials
  • Good motion isolation
  • Average price point
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How does one go about picking the right mattress at the right price? This article will guide you through a variety of factors to consider in selecting a good model as we look at the five (5) best mattresses for college students.

Most Popular: Nectar

Popular Choice - Best Mattresses for College Students 

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Nectar memory foam mattress is a medium-firm mattress designed to last a very long time. This is great since most college students want a durable mattress that will last for up to three or more years. 

Features Available Sizes
365-night trial Twin 
Lifetime warranty Twin XL
Gel-infused memory foam, Cotton & Tencel cover Full
Medium firmness level Queen
Back, side, and stomach sleepers King & California King

Nectar’s quality memory foam provides the support needed to help alleviate neck and back pain in stressed students. It molds naturally to the body’s curves and also returns to its original shape once the weight is removed.

Nectar features gel memory foam at the top and a high-density polyfoam in the base that provides comfort for students that sleep on their stomachs or sides. 


  • Great structural support. 
  •  Pressure-relieving.
  • Average price point.
  • Sleeps cooler than most mattresses.
  • Motion isolation.


  • Weak edge support.
  • Cannot be flipped.

Budget Option: AceSleep

Affordable Mattresses for College Students 

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The AceSleep mattress is an economy model that was created for individuals with a very tight budget. It is therefore extremely perfect for the budget-conscious student. This in no way deters the great value for its price. 

Features Available Sizes
120-night trial Twin 
15-year warranty Twin XL
Bamboo charcoal infused memory foam, ice silk cover Full 
Medium firmness level Queen
Back, side, and stomach sleepers King and California King

The mattress has a medium firmness level with four different layers for comfort, which makes it great for all sleeping positions. Its top layer with open-cell memory foam offers plushness and spinal support for students upon contact and relieves pressure. 

The next layer of memory foam which is infused with bamboo charcoal, along with the gel foam in the transition layer enhances support while keeping the mattress free cool and free from moisture and foul odors. They provide comfort and are ideal for college students with sensitive skin. 

The AceSleep mattress which may be used with various types of bed foundations comes compressed in a box making it portable and easy to transport.


  • Great price point.
  • Soft and breathable cover.
  • Provides pressure relief.
  • Does not retain heat.


  • Weak edge support.

Best Luxury: Happsy

Best Luxury Mattresses for College Students 

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Happsy is a latex and coil hybrid mattress with just two different layers for maximum comfort after a long day in class. Among its offers are varieties of exciting features like the natural Dunlop latex and pocketed coil system that make it firm enough to support different body weights.

Features Available Sizes
120-night trial Twin 
10-year warranty Twin XL
Latex, pocketed coils, and organic cotton cover Full 
Medium firmness level Queen
Back, side, and stomach sleepers King and California King

The latex layer absorbs vibrations in the bed to ensure that your partner who might be a restless sleeper does not keep you up at night. Its fabric covers are quilted with fire retardant wool with a long-lasting touch. The pores of the Dunlop latex and breathability of the cover helps to regulate heat. 

The coils are designed to promote natural airflow to regulate sleeping temperature while ensuring that the mattress retains its structure when it supports your body. With these options, college students with a bit of flair for all-round comfort would love the Happsy model.


  • Does not retain heat.
  • Provides good pressure relief.
  • Maintains all-night support for all sleeping positions.
  • Great edge support.
  • Good motion isolation.


  • Quite expensive.

Best for Side Sleepers: O Mattress by Omni

Best Mattresses for College Students  side sleepers

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The O mattress by Omni is an all-foam long-lasting memory foam mattress. It comes compressed in a plastic wrap and boxed. A firmer model than some memory foams options, this mattress will provide the support that will keep your back from aching in the morning. 

Features Available Sizes
100-night trial Twin 
20-year warranty Twin XL
Tencel cover with a quilted design, gel-infused memory foam Full
medium-firm Queen
Stomach, side and back sleepers King & California King

This mattress has three layers of material; the OmniFoundation compression foam at the base, a luxury foam designed with the innovative OmniBubble technology, and gel memory foam at the top that hugs the body. 

Its dense compression foam provides enough support to keep the spine naturally aligned for the stomach or combination sleeper. Combined with the luxury foam in the transition layer, college students will enjoy the responsiveness of the mattress that makes it easy for them to get in and out of bed.


  • Fully removable cover.
  • Temperature neutral.
  • Luxurious design.
  • Good motion isolation.


  • May not be flipped.

Best for Stomach Sleepers: Keetsa Cloud

Best Mattresses for College Students for Stomach Sleepers

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The Keetsa Cloud mattress is a durable all-foam mattress that is made with a double-layered memory foam formulated with innovative technology for enhanced comfort. It has a base layer of high-density foam like most all-foams, which improves spinal alignment for college students. 

Features Available Sizes
90-day trial Twin 
12-year warranty Twin XL
Cotton canvas cover with quilted pillow top, memory foam Full
medium-firm Queen
Stomach and back sleepers King & California King

Keetsa, however, distinguishes itself with the top layer which features the proprietary BioFoam, unique to their product. The BioFoam helps in the circulation of air within the mattress which regulates its surface temperature. This ensures that the student obtains enough sleep and does not wake up sweating due to retained body heat.

Keetsa Cloud falls on the firmer side of the standard firmness scale which makes it awesomely comfortable for stomach and back sleepers. It relieves pressure on the hips without yielding under the weight of your body. 

Whether you are sharing a bed with a roommate or have a friend over, this mattress model does a great job at ensuring movement on one side of the bed is not felt on other sides. 


  • Durable materials.
  • Good motion isolation.
  • Average price point.
  • Prevents heat retention.


  • May sleep hot.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Mattress for College Students

Construction and Material:

In small campus housing, students use their beds in various ways. Besides sleeping, they may sit on it while eating, reading, or completing certain academic tasks. When buying a mattress, consider buying dark prints to better hide any small spills. Your college mattress needs should depend on your living situation. Whatever it is, you should find a mattress that fits your needs and helps you get a good night’s sleep to take on the challenges of college life.


Firmness is essential to comfort in mattresses. Firm mattresses provide stomach sleepers with back support. They help keep the spine properly aligned during sleep, which relaxes the back muscles, lessens lower back pain, and improves blood circulation. This enables the student to recover from the day’s stress. On the other hand, side sleepers will enjoy a softer mattress.


College students need to consider their body size before purchasing a mattress. There are size limitations, as some college housing bedrooms may not be large enough to accommodate a queen or king-sized beds.  Twin or Twin XL mattresses and supports are recommended since they take up less floor space. A standard Twin measures 39 inches’ x 75 inches and can be used by small-bodied students. A better choice for average, taller sized persons or young students who are still growing is a Twin XL mattress. Twin XL mattresses have the same 39-inch width as a Standard Twin but are a full five inches longer – as long as a Queen. If the bedroom is large enough, a Full or Full XL mattress is also an option.

Twin – 39 x 75 inches Full – 54 x 75 inches King – 76 x 80 inches
Twin XL – 39 x 80 inches Queen – 60 x 80 inches California King – 72 x 84 inches


Most college students live in shared quarters, which often means there will be all kinds of night-time disturbances. Your mattress should not contribute to the noise if you are using an innerspring model while sharing sleeping spaces with other roommates. A mattress that can keep you and your friends sleeping deeply is thus necessary.


With the steady increase in the cost of college tuition, budgets often become tight. Hence, affordable high-quality mattresses are highly recommended. A twin innerspring mattress may cost little compared to a Queen all-foam mattress.

Heat Regulation:

Mattresses have foams that enable air to flow between the layers and to the skin of sleepers. The airflow prevents the accumulation of heat in the mattress. This helps the student to sleep without overly sweating and becoming uncomfortable. 

Motion Isolation:

For more than one student sharing a bed, nobody wants to be woken up because his bed mate turned or got up. A mattress with motion isolation provides a good night’s sleep to both individuals even if one is a restless sleeper. A student’s bed often serves for sitting while eating and studying. Therefore, his/her mattress should be able to absorb motion. Suddenly getting up from your bed does not have to upset the drink you kept at the other end of the mattress, does it?

Edge Support:

Edge support is the amount of support and resistance a mattress can provide at its perimeter. This is important because it ensures that one can sit or lay down on the edge of the bed without sinking or sagging of the mattress. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best mattress for college?

The mattress to use depends on various factors such as your body size, preferred sleeping position, and budget. An on-campus room already has a bed, so the mattress must be a size that fits on it. You also have to choose your preferred model, whether innerspring, hybrid or memory foam mattress. The sleep trial periods give you enough time to try different models until you find the best fit. When in doubt, you can see a sleep consultant to help you decide.

Do colleges provide mattresses?

Most on-campus college rooms have bed frames and mattresses provided. In this case, a mattress topper and sheets are the necessary bedding each student should acquire. This is because getting a good mattress in your room can be difficult. A student can also check with the school authorities if he/she desires to purchase his/her mattress. However, students in off-campus houses will need to purchase a mattress.

How much should I pay for a mattress?

This totally depends on your budget and comfort range. As a student, you will probably want a budget-friendly mattress. Memory foam mattresses have a higher cost but offer better comfort. Innerspring mattresses consist of a series of steel spring coils that evenly distribute the sleeper’s weight. They are often the least expensive mattress type, which keeps them in high demand from college students. Latex mattresses are quite durable, odorless, and resistant to dust. This makes them good choices for students with allergies. 

How can I make my college bed more comfortable?

Mattress pads, toppers, and sheets can be used to make your college bed more comfortable. You can also consider soft pillows, some of which are available here. Most of them contain plush foam, wool, or feathers that enhance pressure point relief.

Is mattress off-gassing dangerous?

Most mattress manufacturers are now conscious of the materials that are used in their products to ensure the safety of their customers. The off-gassing smell in some popular brands may be unpleasant but no studies have shown that it causes health-related problems.

Final Thoughts

Sleep is directly related to mood, academic performance, and the physical and mental wellbeing of a student. Quality sleep can be obtained from a quality mattress. As such, you need to make yourself comfortable by purchasing the right mattress. The mattress that relieves you of the day’s aches.

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