5 Best Mattress For Scoliosis

What Is Scoliosis?

The term scoliosis comes from Ancient Greek and is literally translated to “a bending”. It’s a medical condition when the spine is curved sideways, usually in the shape of an “S” or “C”.

Like most medical conditions, scoliosis can be mild or severe. Every case is varied, some curves are mild and straighten during growth, while others may worsen and possibly effect breathing.

The cause of Scoliosis is still mostly unknown but some believe genetics and environmental factors could be large influencing factors.

Depending on severity, there are three main treatments, if it’s mild the answer may be just to wait. In more severe cases it may be recommended to wear a remedial brace and in some instances to have corrective surgery.

Editor’s Choice for Best Mattress For Scoliosis

Editor’s Choice
Luxi 3-in-1
We believe the Luxi’s features speak for themselves but just to help, here are a few highlights that led us to put it at the top of the list.
  • Dual firmness
  • Multiple firmness options
  • 1,000-night sleep pledge
  • Great pressure relief
  • Nice motion isolation

How Can The Right Mattress Help?

Although the majority of people with scoliosis tend to have no discomfort, it’s possible that those with more severe cases could have chronic back pain.

A wrong mattress that allows the spine to fall into an unhealthy position can magnify the aches and pains associated with scoliosis.

This is why a firmer mattress with excellent support is excellent for scoliosis. Ideally, there should be a perfect balance of pressure relief under the shoulders and hips in addition to buoyant support that keeps the body lifted and stable.

While no mattress will fix the problem of scoliosis, the right mattress can surely help relieve any pain and help the user get a peaceful night sleep.

Our Top 5 Best Mattresses For Scoliosis

Luxi 3-in-1

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At Luxi, they are hopeful that their 3-in-1 adjustable mattress can meet every user’s comfort preference. The ability to rearrange the layers of the mattress make the Luxi one of the most innovative and adaptive products on the market. We believe the variety of firmness makes the Luxi a great option for those who suffer from scoliosis pain. Three different firmnesses allow for three different chances to find the right firmness for you.

If you look under the cover of a typical foam mattress you will find the layers are glued or fused together. The key to Luxi is in their free-floating foam layers. To adjust the firmness, simply unzip the cover and flip the layers. It’s possible to adjust the mattress to a soft, medium, or firm feel.

Another awesome feature of the Luxi is its dual adjustable comfort. Luxi knows that if you have a sleeping partner there’s a high possibility they have a different comfort preference. With the Luxi 3-in-1, that’s not a problem. Not only are the layers of the Luxi able to be flipped, but they’re also divided which allows for each half of the mattress to be a different firmness.

The Luxi is handcrafted and made in the USA with high-quality materials. The company also offers a 100-night sleep trial, free shipping, and a 10-year warranty. An added bonus with Luxi is their 1000-night pledge. Dedicated to helping, if you’re not completely satisfied with the Luxi within 1000 nights the company will offer a free consultation to help find the best setting for maximum comfort.


  • Unique 3-in-1 firmness
  • Dual firmness
  • Shape matching technology
  • Great motion isolation
  • 1,000-night sleep pledge


  • Weak edge support
  • May sleep warm
  • Takes some effort to rearrange layers

Plank by Brooklyn Bedding

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The Plank mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is named for its plank like characteristics. Going through the reviews it’s easy to see that the Plank lives up to its title by being extra firm and flat. This mattress is great for those who complain about the average firm not being firm enough.

Brooklyn Bedding designed the plank with two firmness options in one. On the top side, a standard firm and on the bottom, ultra firm. This allows the mattress to be flippable and customizable to your sleep comfort. The core of the mattress is a 7-inch layer of high-density foam that ensures durability and stability for the life of the mattress. On the standard firm side of the mattress, there is a 2-inch layer of transitional TitanFlex plus a .75 inch quilted top layer. The combination of these two layers adds nice compression support that offers extra support as pressure is added. On the ultra firm side, there is no transitional layer, simply a 1 ½ inch quilted layer directly on top of the high-density support foam.

Helping with scoliosis, the firmness of the Plank makes sure your spine remains in a healthy position all night. Another great benefit of the Plank is that it reduces pressure on the circulatory system. It also encourages you to inhale more oxygen while sleeping which results in better blood flow throughout the body.

Brooklyn Bedding produces all Plank mattresses inside the USA and backs up their product with a 10-year warranty. The company also offers free shipping and returns plus a 120-night risk-free sleep trial.


  • Two firmness options
  • Extra firm support
  • Improves blood flow
  • Good edge support
  • Sleeps cool for all foam mattress


  • No soft option
  • 30-day break-in period

Amerisleep 2

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Although Amerisleep offers a range of 5 different mattresses, the AS2 is their medium-firm option and is the best match for those who suffer from scoliosis pain. The mattress is thoughtfully engineered with Amerisleep’s own proprietary Bio-Pur, HIVE, and Bio-Core layers. Working together, these three layers provide nice comfort and healthy stability.

In addition to its unique layers, the cover incorporates Celliant, a mineral based material that combines 13 different minerals into a thermoreactive thread and converts body heat into infrared energy. A Celliant cover has been proven to boost blood circulation and pain relief, not to mention help keep the user cool through the night.

Having a foam that keeps up with your movements can ensure a comfortable and supportive sleep. Amerisleeps Bio-Pur foam is designed to bounce back in just 4 seconds, compared to traditional memory foam that can take up to 60 seconds. The foams ability to recover its shape this fast means you will always be supported and have healthy support for your spine.

HIVE stands for Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy and is a technology that’s believed to reduce pressure points by almost 50%. By using hundreds of six-sided foam hexagons that have been grouped into five comfort zones, this layer can expand or contract to provide extra cushion or support where needed.

Amerisleep has showrooms in 5 states, making it possible to see the mattress in person before buying it. However, they also sell every mattress with a 100-night sleep trial plus free shipping and returns, making the AS2 easy to try, risk-free. The eco-friendly Amerisleep is also CertiPUR-US certified and has a 20-year warranty.


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • HIVE technology
  • Bio-Pur foam offers quick response
  • Durable
  • Good motion isolation


  • May sleep warm
  • A bit heavy
  • Not ideal for side sleepers

The Casper

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With tens of thousands of reviews, the Casper is one of the most rated mattresses on the market and has gained a very reputable name over the past few years. Their creative marketing, great customer experience, and high-quality mattress can all be credited for their popularity. Confident in the products quality, Casper lets their customers do the talking.

The zoned support of the Casper supplies extra support in order to keep the spine properly aligned. This is the key component that makes the Casper a great option for those who suffer from back pain caused by scoliosis. The mattress is designed with four layers of high-quality foam plus a comfy cover.

The top layer is made of breathable and buoyant open-cell foam that ensures nice bounce and responsiveness. In addition to its nice responsiveness, the open-cell structure allows the mattress to breathe, keeping the user cool all night. For an all foam mattress, the Casper does a nice job keeping cool.

The second and third layers are where the Casper stands out. Their innovative zoned support allows for soft contour under the neck, shoulder, and hips, but firm support under the torso and legs. This added foam helps to give healthy shoulder and neck alignment while sleeping.

Finishing off the Casper is a thick layer of durable support foam that creates the foundation and shape of the mattress.

Every Casper is designed and produced in the USA and is CertiPUR-US certified. The company also offers a risk-free 100-night sleep trial with every mattress plus they stand behind their products craftsmanship with a 10-year warranty.


  • Zoned support
  • Pressure point relief
  • Sleeps cool
  • Nice motion isolation
  • Good company reputation


  • Not ideal for heavier users
  • Some edge support loss


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We like the Novosbed for its multiple firmness options, plus their Comfort+ Kit which they will send for free if you need to make the mattress a bit firmer or softer. The 11-inch, all foam mattress is built with four key components, an ultra-soft cover, comfort layer, transition zone, and support zone.

Although the Novosbed is available in multiple firmnesses, it maintains the same structure no matter the choice.  Every Novosbed mattress is made up of a layer of comfort foam, transition foam, and core support foam. Tencel used in the cover naturally draws moisture away from the body, keeping the user cool and dry at night.

If you suffer from back pain due to scoliosis, we think the firmness options of Novosbed plus the Comfort+ kit allows for the greatest chance to find the most comfortable and supportive feel. If by chance Novosbed’s firmness options aren’t supplying you with a comfortable nights sleep, they will send you a free comfort kit that simply zips on top of the mattress and either softens or hardens the bed.

Altogether the Novosbed offers everything you would expect in a top quality mattress. Fantastic pressure relief, healthy support, good motion isolation, and nice breathability. Using premium textiles and high-density foams also ensure the mattress’s durability for years to come.

Every Novosbed mattress is made in the USA and carries CertiPUR-US certification. There’s also free shipping to Canada and the USA. Novosbed is responsible for two major contributions to the bedding world. They were the first company to offer a risk-free 120-night sleep trial and were also proud to be one of the first companies to donate their returned mattresses to charitable organizations. Before Novosbed, it was standard for companies to try and resell returned mattresses or send them straight to the landfill.


  • Firmness options
  • Comfort+ kit available for free
  • Good durability
  • Nice motion isolation
  • Ships to Canada and USA


  • Chance for off-gassing

Closing Thoughts

As usual, the right mattress can make all the difference in the world. Understanding what best suits your needs can be the first step towards a better nights sleep.

Each of our mattress choices offers exactly what someone suffering from scoliosis needs.

All five mattresses are on the firmer side, offer nice contour, and have firm support to help keep the spine properly aligned.

We honestly hope that you never need to consider a mattress that helps with scoliosis. However, if you do, we hope our list can help with your final decision.

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