Best Mattresses For Adjustable Base

Best Mattresses For Adjustable Base

Generally, there are three types of mattresses to consider when dealing with an adjustable base, foam, innerspring, or air. Here we will talk about best mattress for adjustable base.

Although innerspring and air mattresses can be used, foam mattresses are the safest and best option for an adjustable base. An adjustable base needs a very flexible mattress. Innerspring and air mattresses have come a long way, but they still don’t have the flexibility that a foam mattress does.

Therefore, a latex or memory foam mattress is the perfect fit for an adjustable base and is the reason our list will consist of only foam mattresses.

What Else Should I Keep In Mind?

No matter how flexible a mattress may be, if it is too thick, it will not be fully effective when in use.

Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, usually between 6 and 15 inches thick. When dealing with a normal base or foundation, thickness needs to only be considered for aesthetics.

However, with an adjustable base, it’s important to have a mattress between 10 and 12 inches thick.

Too thin and it may not be supportive enough, too thick and it will not function properly when adjusted. So, not only will all our mattresses be foam, but they will also be between 10 and 12 inches in thickness.

Our Top 5 Best Mattresses for an Adjustable Base


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We can thank Novosbed for two major contributions in the mattress world. They were the first company to offer a risk-free 120-night sleep trial, 20 nights longer than the standard at that time. Also, they were one of the first companies that decided to donate their returned mattresses to charitable organizations. Before Novosbed, it was standard for companies to try and resell returned mattresses or send them straight to the landfill.

The 11-inch, all foam Novosbed consists of four key components. An ultra-soft cover, a comfort layer, a transition zone, and a support zone. The cover is a Tencel top that’s eco-friendly and washable. Tencel naturally draws moisture away from the body, ensuring the user has a cool dry night.

Although the Novosbed is available in 3 firmnesses, soft, medium, and firm, it maintains the same structure no matter the choice. Three foam layers: 2 inches of comfort foam, 2 inches of transition foam, and 7 inches of core support foam.

Altogether the Novosbed offers everything you would expect in a top quality mattress. Fantastic pressure relief, healthy support, good motion isolation, and nice breathability. Using premium textiles and high-density foams also ensure the mattress’s durability for years to come.

The coolest feature of the Novosbed is their Comfort+ kit. If by chance Novosbed’s firmness options don’t suit you, they will send you a free kit that simply zips on top and either softens or hardens the bed. With their 3 firmness options and Comfort+ kit, Novosbed is sure to meet anyone’s comfort preference.

Every Novosbed mattress is made in the USA and carries CertiPUR-US certification. They also offer free shipping and returns anywhere in Canada and the USA. Confident in their product quality and craftsmanship, Novosbed gives a 120-night sleep trial plus a 15-year warranty.


  • Firmness options
  • Good durability
  • Ships to Canada and USA
  • Great motion isolation
  • Comfort+ kit available


  • Chance for off-gassing
  • Higher priced


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The custom comfort series by Tulo offers the same mattress in a soft, medium, or firm feel. No matter the firmness, all three of these mattresses have the same 10-inch structure, 3 top foam layers, and 1 foundational base layer. Most mattresses that have firmness options tend to change the top layers to achieve a different firmness feel. Tulo is a bit unique in the way they approached altering the feel of their three mattresses. Instead of looking at the top, they focused on the base.

It actually makes perfect sense if you think about it. Tulo believes they have found the perfect combination of comfort with their top three layers. So, why change it?

The simple answer is that they didn’t, they changed the base. The top three foam layers of the Tulo make up half of the mattress’s 10-inch profile. 2 inches of comforting memory foam, 1 ½ inches of breathable memory foam, and 1 ½ inches of responsive foam.

Now, depending on the firmness chosen, there are three variations for the base support. Soft: 5 inches of soft density polyurethane foundation foam. Medium: 5 inches of medium density polyurethane foundation foam. Firm: 5 inches of firm density polyurethane foundation foam.

To help keep the user cool, Tulo infused the top comfort layer of foam with titanium particles. Working together with the open-celled layer below, the titanium is used to absorb heat and move it away from the body. Ensuring durability and helping wick away moisture, the Tulo is covered in a knitted polyester and Tencel fabric that has been joined with a reinforced polyester elastane blended material.

Tulo mattresses are made in the USA and are sold with a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.


  • Firmness options
  • Titanium infusion
  • Good motion isolation
  • Affordable


  • Limited edge support
  • Reports of off-gassing


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Layle has incorporated copper infused foam on both the top and bottom of their mattress. This copper infused foam and the mattress’s ability to be flipped makes the Layla more unique than any of its competitors. In all honesty, Layla is the only company with a copper infused mattress that’s flippable.

Normally we say don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but Layla Sleep put all their confidence in copper and it appears to have paid off. It’s impossible to mention Layla and not talk about copper.

What’s not to love about copper? It offers magnificent pressure point relief, antimicrobial protection, and heat regulation. Layla uses a 3-inch layer of the copper foam on their plush side and 1-inch of the same foam on their firm side.

Sandwiched between the two comfort layers of copper-infused foam are two more foam layers. A 2-inch layer of convoluted foam to help increase airflow in the mattress, and a 4 ½ inch layer of core support foam which adds stability and decent motion isolation to the mattress.

In addition to its fantastic support and pressure relief, the copper-infused foam helps keep the mattress cool by absorbing excess heat and transferring it away from the user.

It’s great to see a company confident in their product and with a risk-free 120-night sleep trial plus a lifetime warranty, there’s no doubt Layla believes in their mattress. The Layla mattress is proudly produced in the USA and is CentriPUR-US certified.


  • 2-in-1 flippable firmness
  • Great motion transfer
  • Good pressure relief
  • Works with all bed frames
  • Lifetime warranty


  • May sleep warm
  • Edge support loss
  • Chance of off-gassing

Lucid 12” Gel Memory Foam

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Lucid offers a wide range of mattresses suitable for all occasions, but we think the 12-inch gel foam is their best option for an adjustable base. Using a factory direct business model, Lucid uses premium materials to offer a luxury mattress at a great price.

The mattress is made up of 3 layers, 2 of them being memory foam, and 1 being high-density support foam. Lucid uses 3 inches of gel memory foam as a first layer and 1 inch of bamboo charcoal memory foam as a second. These two layers work in perfect unison. The gel-infused foam creates a cooler sleep and gently contours to offer excellent pressure relief while the bamboo charcoal foam eliminates odors, manages moisture, and regulates temperature.

The use of Bamboo charcoal foam on this mattress also makes the Lucid a great option for those who suffer from allergies. It is a natural antibacterial that filters allergens from the air.

Supporting these two layers is a thick 8-inch layer of supportive base foam.

Once again we come across Tencel in a mattress cover. Popular in many mattresses, Tencel works to wick away sweat and keep the mattress cool. Lucid uses a Tencel lyocell blend that creates a nice air layer between you and the mattress. Of course, it’s also soft, breathable, and eco-friendly.

The Lucid mattress is made in China and comes with CertiPUR-US certification meaning its safe for you and the environment. Confident in their products quality, the Lucid is sold with a 10-year warranty.

Lastly, we want to add that not only is their mattress ideal for an adjustable base, but Lucid also sells a top rated adjustable base on Amazon.


  • Thick comfort layer
  • Helps allergies
  • Durable
  • No smell
  • Great motion transfer
  • Budget-friendly


  • Made in China
  • Heavy
  • One firmness


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Apart from their mattresses, Nectar has two great things working in its favor. Firstly, they have a 365-night sleep trial which beats most competitors by at least 250 nights. Having one whole year to test a mattress is a nice luxury most companies aren’t willing to supply. Secondly, Nectar sells every mattress with a Forever Warranty. Just like the sleep trial, this warranty is much better than the market average 10-year warranty. Any company who is willing to offer a one year trial and a lifetime warranty must be confident in every aspect of their product, which is one reason we like the Nectar.

Nectar offers an 11” mattress that’s constructed of 3 different foam layers, plus a Tencel cover that is quilted together with a 1” layer of gel memory foam. The Nectar contours very well using 1-inch of cooling gel and 3 inches of adaptive core memory foam. Adding to the contouring might, Nectar also utilizes the extra inch of gel memory foam quilted into the bottom of the cover.

Unlike a traditional memory foam mattress that leaves the user feeling sunk and stuck, the buoyancy of the gel foam helps prevent that typical stuck feeling. This characteristic actually helps the mattress to breath better, keeping the user cooler through the night.

Working together with the top comfort and transition layers is the main support layer. A 6-inch thick foam layer of high-density core support foam. This foundational layer helps to keep the user in a healthy position throughout the night.

The Nectar mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning its safe for you and the environment. It is also dust mite protected, ensuring you never have to worry about allergies caused by the pesky dust mite.


  • 365-night trial
  • Forever warranty
  • Good price
  • Protects against dust mites
  • Molds nicely around the body


  • Lacking edge support
  • One firmness option
  • May sleep warm

Quick Comparison (Queen Size)

Mattress Motion Transfer Thickness Warranty Sleep Trial Cost
Novosbed Excellent 11 Inches 15 Years 120 Nights $999
Tulo Very Good 10 Inches 10 Years 120 Nights $656
Layla Excellent 10 Inches Lifetime 120 Nights $999
Lucid Very Good 12 Inches 10 Years None $365
Nectar Good 11 Inches Forever 365 Nights $699

Our Top Pick: Novosbed

Novosbed found their way to the top of our list for numerous reasons. Although it is a bit pricier compared to some of our other options, we do believe it is absolutely worth every penny. Here are a few of the top considerations that made us choose Novosbed.

  • Free Comfort+ kit to adjust firmness
  • Durable and flexible
  • Great motion isolation
  • Perfect thickness
  • Ships to Canada and USA

Closing Thoughts

No longer are adjustable beds only for hospitals. Whether you’re someone who has pain at night from laying flat or if you just enjoy sitting up to read in bed, an adjustable bed could be perfect for you. So, if you already own an adjustable bed or are in the market for one, we truly hope our list of top 5 mattresses for adjustable bases can help!

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