5 Best Folding Mattresses

Best Folding Mattresses

A folding mattress is a great sleeping option for outdoor enthusiasts and can come in handy in numerous other occasions. They are portable and can be compressed in single or three folds for safe-keeping or easy transportation.

People that are living in small apartments would find that having a folding mattress allows them enough space for other activities when they are not sleeping. Most of them are stylish with luxurious features and are great for use as guest beds or the children’s playroom.

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

Image Product Features

Most Popular

  • Resistant to mold, dust mites and moisture
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Motion isolation
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Budget Option

  • Very affordable
  • Easily foldable
  • Absorbs moisture
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Best Luxury

  • Great motion isolation
  • Uniform body conformance
  • Wicks away moisture
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Best for Side Sleepers

  • Properly ventilated
  • Removable cover
  • Lightweight
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Best for Stomach Sleepers

Best Choice
  • Great for combination sleepers
  • Removable cover
  • Minimal sagging
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Here are the five (5) best folding mattresses that are worth your consideration as well as key factors that can be of great help when choosing the ideal one for your home.

Most Popular: Lucid

Most Popular Choice - Best Folding Mattresses

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This trifold mattress by Lucid is 4 inches thick and can be used as a sofa for your living room or converted to a bed for overnight guests. It features a layer of memory foam that is placed over a sturdy base foam which ensures that sleepers do not experience increased pressure in their joints due to the hardness of the floor.

Features Available Sizes
3-year warranty Twin
Memory foam, polyester cover Full
Medium firmness level Queen

The Lucid trifold mattress can be folded in such a way that the panel on the top forms a back support cushion while you sit on the bottom panels. It is lightweight and can be repositioned within the apartment by a single person conveniently without needing an extra pair of hands.

Its ability to conform to the body’s shape while you lie on it as well as its pressure-relieving property makes it an ideal sleeping option when you have to spend the night in your office. The cover is made of polyester which is smooth and breathable, ensuring that you experience maximum snugness with enough ventilation. 


  • Resistant to mold, dust mites and moisture.
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • Motion isolation.
  • Breathable covers.


  • The off-gassing smell may take some hours to dissipate.

Budget Option: Zinus

Affordable Folding Mattresses

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The Zinus Trifold Mattress has a luxurious design with the amazing properties that a good sleeping surface should have. It is also very affordable and contains top-quality foam in the right proportions to ensure that you enjoy pain-free sleep.

Features Available Sizes
5-year warranty Twin
Gel-infused memory foam, Jacquard fabric cover
Medium firmness level

This folding mattress can be compressed into three folds, making it easy for you to lift and store it away after use. With three different layers of foam which includes latex and gel-infused memory foam, sleepers are assured of absolute comfort and relaxation every time they lie on the bed.

The latex layer combined with the breathable jacquard cover ensures that air flows in and out of the mattress, keeping every area of its surface fresh while you sleep. The gel foam in the top layer absorbs moisture for adequate cooling to ensure that you do not toss and turn from excessive heat. 


  • Very affordable.
  • Easily foldable.
  • Absorbs moisture.
  • Adequate flow of air.


  • Available in twin size only.

Best Luxury: CouchBed

Best Luxury Folding Mattresses

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CouchBed incorporates phase change technology in this memory foam mattress which is 10 inches thick and can be compressed into two folds to form a comfortable sofa. During the day, the hinge feature makes it possible for you to create a second layer where your back rests while you sit.

Features Available Sizes
10-year warranty Twin
Memory foam, polyester cover Full
Medium firmness level Queen

The gel-infused memory foam and polyester cover ensure that the mattress remains at an optimal temperature at all times. You would not need to worry about stains and spills as the cover is removable for easy washing to maintain proper hygiene.

The mattress is available in different colors and can be fitted with great sheets for added comfort which should be removed when you need to fold it to form a couch. Although memory foam is known to sink when pressure is applied, it is minimal on this mattress, as it is sturdy enough to bear the weight of your body while you maintain a correct sleeping posture.


  • Great motion isolation.
  • Uniform body conformance.
  • Wicks away moisture.
  • Adequate flow of air.


  • May not be great for heavyweight side sleepers.

Best for Side Sleepers: Milliard

Best Folding Mattresses for Side Sleepers

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This premium-quality memory foam mattress from Milliard is an amazing option for individuals that value comfort and durability. The 6-inch thick mattress provides a stable sleeping surface that gives you the same level of comfort as the bed in your home.

Features Available Sizes
10-year warranty Twin
Memory foam, Jacquard cover Full
Medium firmness level Queen

This mattress is great for individuals with highly sensitive skin or those that are prone to allergic reactions. It has a Jacquard cover which features an anti-slip bottom and a heavy-duty zipper that keeps the mattress well-encased and allergen-free. The cover which can be spot-cleaned ensures that the mattress is dirt-free.

There are two different layers of foam which combine to provide incredible pressure relief as you gradually succumb to its gentle cradling effect. The combination of memory foam and the high-density support foam ensures that sagging is minimal as your body weight is spread evenly across the mattress.


  • Properly ventilated.
  • Removable cover.
  • Lightweight.
  • Relieves pressure point.


  • Quite large.

Best for Stomach Sleepers: Best Choice

Best Folding Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

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Best Choice mattresses are great for individuals that are looking to experience enhanced comfort and relaxation after a long day. Its folding mattress options are portable and are made of durable materials to give you a feel of home regardless of your location.

Features Available Sizes
60-day warranty Twin
Polyurethane foam, stretch-knit cover Full
Medium firmness level Queen

The mattress is encased in a stretch-knit cover with a smooth feel and an aesthetic design which enhances ventilation to ensure that you wake up feeling rejuvenated. It improved longevity, the cover can be removed and machine-washed or spot cleaned.

The trifold mattress is portable and features two ergonomic handles that make it easy to carry when you need to make an overnight trip. Its sturdy base provides adequate support for stomach sleepers without sagging for an unbeatable sleeping experience.


  • Great for combination sleepers.
  • Removable cover.
  • Minimal sagging.
  • Ergonomic handles for easy carrying.


  • A bit thin for overweight side sleepers.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Folding Mattress

Construction & Material:

Folding mattresses are also designed with the same materials as your traditional home bed. They are often used as make-shift sleeping alternatives, hence the lightweight structure for enhanced portability. The use of durable materials ensures that you can easily fold and move the mattress without worrying about damage.


Most manufacturers ensure that their folding mattress models provide medium-level firmness for enhanced pressure relief. Whether the mattress is used on the floor or with a bed frame, it should be able to provide adequate cushioning for a remarkable sleeping experience.


The support layer usually contains sturdy foam that does not sag significantly to cause distortions in the alignment of your spine. Most folding mattresses are compatible with adjustable frames and other bed foundations for enhanced support. 


Since they are makeshift options, they are often lightweight and easy to carry around. Folding mattresses are usually available in the Twin category. A couple of brands have Full and Queen options. 

Twin – 39 x 75 inches Full – 54 x 75 inches Queen – 60 x 80 inches

Heat Regulation:

Hot sleepers tend to sweat a lot which may lead to discomfort when the mattress becomes wet. The use of breathable fabric in mattress covers improve air circulation to help regulate the temperature of the mattress surface especially for memory foam models that tend to retain heat.

Price: Although they are mostly cheap, you can take advantage of special discounts and offers to purchase your preferred mattress at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can memory foam mattresses be folded?

Most memory foam mattresses can be folded as they are often delivered in that state when ordered from the online store. Folding does not ruin the foam. Models that are not designed to be kept folded for long may look smaller when you unfold them. Those mattresses would have to be left for a while to expand to its full size before use.

Can all mattresses be folded?

It is not ideal to fold a traditional mattress, especially the  innerspring or hybrid models as the pocketed coils and edge fortifications may become damaged. This could affect its body conformance property and the mattress may begin to sag around certain regions. Folding it could also void the warranty of the mattress.

Do king mattresses fold?

There are king-sized mattresses that are hinged in the middle to allow you to fold them without causing any damage. This is necessary when you are remodeling your home and need to move the mattress to another room. You should consider models with this design when making a purchase.

Are folding beds comfortable?

Folding beds can provide enough cushioning to ensure that there is no build-up of pressure when you lay down in your preferred sleeping position. Newer models now feature sturdy support layers with the right level of thickness to bear the weight of your body as you ease into a deep slumber.

Which mattress is good for daily use?

If you wake up with any form of pain, then it is time to get a new mattress. One that is good for day-to-day use should be cozy and offer body conformance without sinking such that you begin to feel pain and discomfort. It should also be made from durable materials to ensure that the mattress retains its structure after several years of use.

Final Thoughts

Folding mattresses are designed for use in different situations. They provide comfortable sleeping options during camping trips and are also great for lounging around in your home to prevent discomfort from sitting directly on the hard floor. If your foldable mattress is intended for daily use, look for a model with the right level of thickness that can guarantee an enjoyable slumber experience.

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