5 Best Earmuffs for Sleeping

Quality sleep requires total comfort and peace within yourself, enabling a deep rest so that you wake up feeling refreshed. Achieving good sleep can be difficult when you have a snoring partner, as well as a noisy roommate or neighborhood. If you are a light sleeper that is easily bothered by noise, you may need to consider earmuffs.

The ideal earmuffs could be the difference between a night of restful sleep and one fraught with distractions. They protect the ears from noises during sleep and aid noise cancellation, while improving the quality of your sleep. 

Quick Look at Our Top 5 Picks

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Most Popular

Sleep Master Sleep Mask and Earmuff
  • Affordable price
  • Sold as a single unit
  • Very comfortable on the face
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Budget Option

Pro for Sho Ear Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
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Best Luxury

Leightning L3 Earmuff by Howard Leight
  • Excellent at noise reduction with NRR of 30dB
  • Compact
  • Super soft headband cushion
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Travel Pillow Included

Wrap-a-nap Earmuffs
  • Affordable
  • It stays in place
  • Cozy during cold nights
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Over-The-Head Model

3M Peltor X3 Earmuffs
  • It reduces noise by 22 to 32 decibels (dB)
  • X3 has a noise reduction rate (NRR) of 27
  • Affordable price
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Not all ear muffs are for sleeping. Some are used in industries to protect the workers from machinery noise or gunshot sounds in shooting ranges. Those have a high Noise Reduction Rate (NRR). The correct earmuff for sleeping should be soft, comfortable, and also great at canceling noise. Below is a guide on choosing the ideal earmuffs for your sleep as we discuss the five (5) best products that are available in the market.

Most Popular: Sleep Master Sleep Mask and Earmuff

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Sleep Master features a compact and portable ear muffler and a sleep mask. It is flexible and can be adjusted to fit one’s head by using the attached straps. The inside is made of soft cotton to keep it breathable while the outside is a synthetic fabric that prevents it from slipping off the pillow despite your sleeping position. It is not 100% soundproof, so you are still aware of your environment. Sleep master is great for people with allergies due to its hypoallergenic nature. It comes in one piece, and the mask is not separated from the earmuffs.


  • Affordable price.
  • Sold as a single unit.
  • Very comfortable on the face.
  • It has a 30-day guarantee.
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic.
  • Hand and machine washable.


  • It does not effectively cancel noise.

Budget Option: Pro for Sho Ear Protection

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Living close to a busy street might imply access to several bus stops, but it does not help you with enjoying deep sleep when you need it. However, with this Pro for Sho earmuffs, you can have all the advantages of being close to people and still tune off the noise. Pro for Sho is a 34dB hearing protection designed to keep users from being disturbed while sleeping, studying, or performing any other activity around a noisy area. Persons with reduced noise tolerance will delight in the respite these earmuffs bring to their sleep time. It comes in either a small size for younger persons or a large one for the adults and is available in ten different colors.

The adjustable headband on the earmuff has a HIPS high protection foam padding to keep it comfortable when over the head. Pro for Sho reduces noise to a level that permits one to sleep without eliminating his/her ability to hear entirely, thereby keeping the user aware of the environment.


  • It is foldable, compact and lightweight
  • The adjustable headbands ensure that the user fits it snugly, so it does not fall off during sleep
  • Comfortable and slim without reducing quality
  • It has a 90-day money-back guarantee with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Not noise-canceling

Best Luxury: Leightning L3 Earmuff by Howard Leight

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The Leightning L3 is a durable, well–designed earmuff that is gentle on the ears while reducing the effect of environmental noise. Quality foam cushioning on this earmuff prevents any discomfort that could arise and eliminates the tendency of developing a headache from it being too tight. L3 is rated at an NRR of 30dB and features an Air Flow Control that minimizes sounds over a wide range of frequencies. It means you can sleep soundly and peacefully, even if your partner is snoring loudly or a party is going on in the apartment next door. This feat is achieved without the earcup size increased in any way that can affect the user’s comfort. The headband has a steel wire construction that is sturdy enough to survive daily and consistent use. Its design ensures that it fits perfectly over the head of the user. Leightning L3 is lightweight and can be easily carried or stored in a bag when folded.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Very soft ear foam cushioning


  • Only muffles sound without the earplugs.

Travel Pillow Included: Wrap-a-nap Earmuffs

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This product includes a travel pillow, sleep mask, and earmuff combination. It is a cozy and fluffy mask that muffles sound and blocks out light to give you deep, restful sleep. If you want total sound-blocking, an earplug fits into the wrap, which holds it in place. It can serve as a neck pillow, depending on the circumstance. Wrap-a-nap can be used by both adults and children, as it is easily adjusted to fit all head sizes.


  • Affordable.
  • It stays in place.
  • Cozy during cold nights.
  • Portable for travel.
  • It can function as a neck pillow.


  • It can be quite warm and uncomfortable on a hot night.

Over-The-Head Model: 3M Peltor X3 Earmuffs

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This model is one in a collection of X-series earmuffs that are multifunctional and have a wide range of NRR. The X3 is comfortable and can be adjusted to fit the head properly. Its design keeps the muffs from building up heat. X3 is lightweight and is electrically insulated so it can be used at industrial worksites.


  • It reduces noise by 22 to 32 decibels (dB).
  • X3 has a noise reduction rate (NRR) of 27.
  • Affordable price.
  • Flexible and comfortable.
  • It can be used for sleeping or at work in industrial places.


  • Users may not be comfortable wearing it for long.

Key Considerations When Choosing Earmuffs For Sleeping

Comfort:  In selecting an earmuff, you must consider convenience. Earmuffs designed for industrial work, for instance, will not be comfortable for sleeping. Despite how noise-blocking the earmuff is, if it does not fit or stay comfortably on you, a peaceful sleep may be unattainable. Depending on your preferred sleeping position, some earmuffs may not be suitable for you. It does not change the fact that there are earmuffs that are so great you tend to forget you are wearing one. Slim models are always comfortable to wear, even though some may not be great at effective 100% sound-blocking. Large fluffy earmuffs can be comfy and are often great at soundproofing.

Noise-canceling ability: Earmuffs are specially designed to cancel noise, with some to a greater extent than others. Some models block noise through the use of a thin layer of soundproof fabric. Other models make the muff from layers of materials that muffle the sounds. The NRR, which ranges between 10 to 31, is the noise-canceling capacity of an earmuff. The higher the NRR, the higher the sound-blocking ability. For sleeping, a low noise reduction rate may be suitable.

Safety: Sleeping earmuffs should block disturbing noises without preventing you from hearing your alarm go off when you need to wake up. It becomes unsafe if it blocks noise completely, putting the user at risk of not hearing important sounds or being unaware of emergencies.

Airflow: Proper air passage enhances the level of comfort that an earmuff provides. In blocking out noise, some earmuffs prevent airflow to your skin. The right earmuff should allow your skin to breathe, so you sleep comfortably. The muffs need to be made of breathable fabric that permits air circulation.

Headband length: The ideal over-the-head earmuff should have an adjustable headband that permits a close fit without being too snug. There should also be great cushioning on the headband and ear cups, so your head/ears are not in direct contact with the plastic or metallic material of the earmuff. If headbands constitute a nuisance to you or affect your sleep, which is what you are trying to improve in the first place, fabric earmuffs may be your preferred choice.

Price: The price factor is essential when in need of earmuffs. High-quality models are more comfortable and more durable than common ones. Most sleeping earmuffs come with accessories such as face masks and pillows. These cost more than plain earmuffs. You may consider them if you require protection from light rays during sleep. If not, a normal earmuff is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can earmuffs block out noise?

Earmuffs are noise-cancellation devices that block out noise to a certain degree. Those for sleeping differ from those used at industrial sites with heavy equipment noises. Earmuffs for sleeping are often slim and portable or fluffy and large. They block out noise while still providing comfort and safety to the user.

What are the best earmuffs for sleeping?

When choosing the best earmuff for sleeping, you must consider comfort, noise-canceling ability, price, and the adjustability of the straps, so it fits your head. The higher quality models are often pricy than the average earmuffs. Again, some muffs are more comfortable during winter or summer. 

Most earmuffs for sleeping have accessories attached to them like a sleep mask or a music player. These extra features enable you to play music as you sleep while giving you protection against light plus noise.

How much noise do earmuffs block?

Earmuffs seal the eardrum from unwanted sounds. They do this by reducing the level of noise that reaches it. They must be securely held around the head to block noise properly, and adjustable headbands make it possible. When they are appropriately fitted across the ears, earmuffs reduce noise by 15 to 30 DB, making it possible for the user to sleep peacefully without external interference. If you require the earmuff for other purposes, you may need higher quality ones or those designed precisely to protect against high noise levels.

Are earmuffs better than earplugs?

Deciding between earplugs and earmuffs implies choosing the type of noise protection you need. Both have their functions, advantages, and disadvantages, with earplugs providing better protection since they fit directly into the ear canal. Although they are lightweight and portable, it can be challenging to wear them for a long time. They are also not suitable for sleeping because they are often uncomfortable. It is quite easy to lose them to their size. 

Earmuffs are very easy and comfortable to wear. They do not provide the same sound-blocking effect as earplugs, which is good as it enables the user to be aware of his/her environment. In hot climates, however, the earmuffs can become warm after using for long hours, which makes them uncomfortable during sleep.

Is higher NRR better?

Noise reduction rate (NRR) is an indicator of the sound level that is blocked when using an earplug or earmuff. It helps you to decide what ear device is suitable, depending on its purpose. Earmuffs have an upper limit of 31 NRR. When buying an earmuff for sleeping purposes, the user must find out the noise exposure level he wants to eliminate and then purchase the appropriate earmuff. High-quality earmuffs have high NRR, while disposable ones have average ratings.

Final Thoughts

Earmuffs are heaven-sent for people with noise tolerance issues. If you cannot fall asleep as fast as you would prefer due to distracting sounds from your home or surroundings, earmuffs may be the solution you seek. However, do not just buy the first earmuff you see; decide what you want it to do for you and the type you are comfortable using. Do you want a plastic earmuff or a wraparound fabric material? Instead, would you buy earmuffs with headphones that play music to alienate you from your noisy environment further and lull you to sleep? Do not forget to check out the noise reduction rate as this would give you an idea of how much sound it can eliminate.

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