Hand-Picking The 5 Best Cheap Mattresses In Australia Of All Time In 2021

Best Cheap Mattresses in Australia

Every person deserves a relaxing night of sleep and buying a new mattress always comes with lots of challenges. 

How do you sleep? How does your partner, if you have any, sleep? What exactly do you require from this new mattress? Do you prefer memory foam or innerspring mattresses? All these should fit within your spending plan.

It is necessary that when considering the price of a mattress, one considers the quality of materials used in its production.

Quick Look At Our Top 5 Picks In 2021

Image Product Features

Most Popular

Eva Mattress
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Great body support
  • Works with standard bed frames
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Budget Option

Ausbeds Cooper
  • Great customer service
  • Good edge support
  • Properly aligns the spine
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Best Luxury

  • Fantastic motion isolation
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Good pressure point pain relief
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Best for Side Sleepers

Noa Mattress
  • Made with hypoallergenic materials
  • Regulates heat
  • Compatible with several bed foundations
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Best for Stomach Sleepers

Macoda Mattress
  • Zero motion transfer
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Gives good support
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Let us, therefore, take a look at 2021 five (5) best cheap mattresses in Australia and the important notes to make when picking them for your home.

Most Popular: Eva Mattress

An image featuring the Eva Mattress

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Eva boasts of being a high-quality hybrid mattress with layers of spring and foam, offering impressive longevity. This mattress is great for people who want a good product at a low-cost price. As a means of giving back to the community, the company donates one mattress to charity for every ten mattresses sold.

Features Available Sizes
120-night trial Single
12-year warranty King Single
Tencel cover, micro springs, and pocket springs Double
Medium-firm Queen
Side, back, and stomach sleepers. King

Eva is a thick mattress meant for those who love the padding effect of foam together with the springy feel of micro coils. At its base is a layer of dense foam that shares pressure evenly and supports the upper layers. With 2500 pocket springs, Eva supports the weight of the sleeper by providing an opposite reaction to the pressure exerted on the mattress during sleep. 

The pocketed springs minimize motion transfer and noise so that you do not unintentionally wake up your partner. Larger springs provide support in its perimeter to ensure that the mattress does not sink around the edges when it is sat on and you do not roll off during sleep. 

A latex layer found between the memory foam and coils is designed with open cells to promote airflow through the mattress. The memory foam sinks enough to assume the shape of the sleeper, but not so much as to cause the mattress to sag. For added protection and ventilation, the mattress is wrapped in a white and grey cover that permits air circulation between you and its entire layers.


  • Minimal motion transfer.
  • Great body support.
  • Works with standard bed frames.
  • Good price point.
  • Antimicrobial materials.
  • Improved edge support.


  • Heavy.
  • Cannot be flipped.

Budget Option: Ausbeds Cooper

An image featuring Ausbeds Cooper

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Ausbeds brand has customers gushing over their great service and comfortable mattresses which they say have improved their sleep quality. The Cooper series has an exceptional price, supportive on a medium-firm level, durable, and fabricated using high-grade materials. 

Features Available Sizes
100-day trial Single
5-year warranty King Single
Tencel cover, HD Polyfoam, and pocket springs Double
Medium-firm Queen
Back, stomach, and side sleepers King

Ausbeds Cooper mattress is a perfect mix of firmness and super comfort that falls in an attractive price range. It is a thick, durable innerspring mattress featuring a top layer of sturdy foam that adjusts easily to the contours of the body while the spine and muscles are kept in neutral alignment. 

The springs provide support to the sleeper and keep him/her free of any kind of body pain. Its cooling Tencel fabric cover has an aesthetic design that makes it easy on the eyes and leaves the surface of the mattress plush and cozy.


  • Great customer service.
  • Good edge support.
  • Properly aligns the spine.
  • Works with standard frame base.
  • Very low price.


  • Free mattress delivery is limited to a few parts of Australia.
  • Insufficient motion isolation.

Best Luxury: Onebed

An image featuring Onebed

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Unlike most models that take time for the sleeper to experience pressure relief, Onebed provides this effect immediately you lay down on the mattress. It is plush, comfy, and hugs the body, thereby preventing backaches. Best of all, it comes at a perfect price.

Features Available Sizes
125-night trial Single
15-year warranty King Single
Woven polyester cover, Dunlop latex, memory foam, and HD polyurethane base foam  Double
Medium-firm Queen
Back, side, and stomach sleeper King

The cover of this all-foam mattress is a soft polyester fabric that works to remove moisture from the top. Directly under the cover is a comfort layer of Dunlop latex that maintains bounce and coolness due to its open-cell structure. The latex layer offers pressure point relief when combined with memory foam. 

Onebed’s base foam supports the spine and is responsible for the sturdiness of the mattress. This mattress is totally made of non-toxic eco-friendly materials.


  • Fantastic motion isolation.
  • Moisture-wicking properties.
  • Good pressure point pain relief.
  • Great price for value.
  • Works with adjustable and other bed frames.


  • Quite heavy.
  • May need rotation after a couple of months.

Best For Side Sleepers: Noa Mattress

An image featuring Noa Mattress

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No one mattress is good for every person. Still, Noa makes this statement almost untrue as it is responsive, great for many sleepers, and has a unique softness on the surface that makes it totally perfect for the side sleeper.

Features Available Sizes
100-night trial Single
15-year warranty King Single
Tencel fabric cover, gel memory foam, and natural latex Double
Medium-firm Queen
Side, back, and stomach sleepers. King

The base of Noa features pocket springs that support the mattress and prevents the body from sinking deeply. These individually zoned springs reduce noise and vibrations. 

Memory foam lies on the transition layer to supply some relief from pressure that may be felt in certain body parts. It does this by hugging the body comfortably. This memory foam is infused with gel to prevent heat accumulation. 

The top layer is made of natural latex that is hypoallergenic and free of toxic substances. This latex also works with the gel memory foam to cool the surface of the mattress. There is a fancy Tencel fabric cover that is silky and breathable, with the sides designed to be thick to prevent the likelihood of tear.


  • Made with hypoallergenic materials.
  • Regulates heat.
  • Compatible with several bed foundations.
  • Good edge support
  • The cover is breathable.


  • Layers cannot be reordered.
  • Weighty.

Best For Stomach Sleepers: Macoda Mattress

An image featuring the Macoda Mattress

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One is able to adjust the firmness of the Macoda mattress just by reordering the layers of foam on it. The soft and medium-firm foams are the key components of its support structure, making it ideal for the stomach sleeper.

Features Available Sizes
100-night trial Single
10-year warranty King Single
Bamboo fabric cover, natural latex, and pocket springs Double
Customizable firmness Queen
Back and stomach sleepers. King

In the situation where affordable is expensive to you, the Macoda brand offers an opportunity where you can pay for the mattress in installments. The individual pocketed springs provide support and comfort in the middle and edges of the mattress. 

Macoda has quality transition foam that strengthens the mattress to keep it from sagging and aging fast. The comfort memory foam layer comes with a cooling gel that transmits heat away, thereby regulating body temperature. Its natural latex layer keeps the mattress free of allergens and molds. It is also responsive enough to counter the sinking feeling of the memory foam.


  • Zero motion transfer.
  • Relieves pressure points.
  • Gives good support.
  • Ensures spinal alignment.
  • Removable luxurious bamboo cover.
  • Keeps the back properly aligned.
  • Reinforced edge support.


  • Not best with adjustable bases.
  • May require constant flipping.

Key Considerations When Choosing A Cheap Mattress For Australian Sleepers

Construction & Material: it is good to get a mattress with materials that are hypoallergenic and free of microbes as this keeps the user in good health. The quality of these materials also determines the longevity of the mattress. Latex is a very durable hypoallergenic mattress component, especially for those that are particularly allergic to it.

Firmness: You need a mattress that leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable when it comes in contact with your body, otherwise, you may end up fussing and fidgeting throughout the night. Then you do not get enough sleep.

Support: The level of support you require in a mattress depends on your sleeping position and body weight. A good model should bear the weight around the hips for a stomach sleeper, and for side sleepers, the shoulder region also. 

Temperature Regulation: Most mattresses have covers that are breathable, to ensure proper airflow within and around the mattress. Latex has cooling tendencies. Memory foam is known to be warm due to its insulating properties, hence the infusion with gel to aid in regulating the surface temperature.

Size: The size of a mattress is totally a question of choice, comfort, and then available space or bed frame size. A big bed allows you to roll to your heart’s content. However, it will take up all the available space in a small room.


92 x 188 cm

Long Single

92 x 203 cm

King Single

 107 x 203 cm

Super King

203 x 203 cm


138 x 188 cm


153 x 190 cm


 183 x 198 cm

King XL

183 x 203 cm

Motion Isolation: Zero motion transfer enables you to sleep through the night without waking up by slight movements or vibrations on the mattress. It is often needed by people that live with partners or pets.

Edge Support: Hybrids and pocket springs have better edge support than all-foam mattresses. The support also prolongs the durability of the mattress by preventing sagging around its edges.

Price Point: Price can be a touchy subject when it comes to mattresses. This is because, in order to cut costs, brands can reduce the quality of materials used in the production process. For example, synthetic latex costs less than natural ones, but it may not be resistant to dust mites and molds. It is also not durable and eco-friendly. Traditional innerspring mattresses are cheaper than pocket spring models but may make noises and cause shaky vibrations that are felt on the entire surface. The coils also lose their elasticity and sag faster. Still, there is a balance between high quality and price. Budget-friendly mattresses abound, though they may be few.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a good cheap mattress?

It is a mattress that fits into your budget and is made of good quality materials. Although a very cheap mattress can offer you a good sleep at the time of purchase, a good one should be able to last for about five to seven years.

What is the best mattress in Australia?

The best mattress should provide pressure relief and not cause body pains. It should be very comfortable to enable you to have a sound sleep. Most online mattresses save cost on the customer side due to the elimination of the middle man and the salesperson. Their sleep trials and warranty help you make a decision on the quality within the comfort of your home.

How much should I pay for a mattress? 

The price for a mattress should depend on the durability and other properties that add value to the product. Innersprings can cost less than $200 while memory foams cost as much as $3000 or more. The intended duration of use of the mattress should determine how much you should spend on it. A guest room that is not constantly in use may require an average mattress both in price and quality. Although thinner mattresses cost less, their high-quality should give you the fulfillment that you need. A budget between $300 and $2000 can get you a top-quality mattress.

What mattresses do hotels use?

Most hotel mattresses are very comfy and supportive. This is because they use very dense comfort foam which permits relaxed sleep and improved blood flow. These models feature plush and luxurious pillow tops. Hotel mattresses are often hybrids combining qualities of latex, memory foam, and pocket springs. The majority of hotel mattresses are not very affordable and may require a high budget. You can always find fairly priced comfortable models for use in your home.

What time of the year is ideal for buying a mattress?

Various brands offer year-long discounts to their customers. New mattress brands also lower their prices and offer promotions to attract lots of buyers. Summer periods and holiday weekends are great for mattress buying. However, online purchases are becoming the favorite of most people. This is due to the great prices on offer, access to customer reviews, attractive trial periods, and other benefits that are available on most sites.

Final Thoughts

It is still possible to find pocket-friendly mattresses that are of great quality. A mattress does not have to be of an outrageous price before it can grant you a deep, restful sleep. 

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